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White jeans phenomenal. 'grats tom brady. He's wearing threequarter. Boop like this like checkered shirt this ring if you haven't seen it it's the size of a small planet like it's one of jupiter's moons on these guys it's normal. Tom brady walked into tom. Ford and said. I know i look that mannequin. Can we just switch. And they made him the mannequin and he walked out of the store. He looks like a tom ford. They're going to broadcast the next super bowl food dish literally his next super. But when you're a kid in the eighties and that one dude at your neighborhood had the giant dish in the front. Got eight thousand channels. That's it asks. What's on fox fingers today is your rings have gotten. They say and their made by jason's of beverly hills down here. A guy who. I knew years ago i would love to just pick his brain on the process. How do you come up with a who was consulting. Did like brady are so intricate man. Like devin white posting that photo of the ring you can tell. Devon whites have football player because his index finger points towards three o'clock as opposed to twelve. All of these guys have jacked up hand. I've never made an nfl player who can't show me something. Strange on their body look at my eyeball goes this way. Check on. My hand goes total. You know the all finger team it's It's brian baldinger. it's tori halt. it's julian at ronnie lott. These guys like just disjointed disgusting hands every offensive lineman. Yeah yeah pretty much or the show to a great place. Our guidelines rich. The birthday boys were celebrating. Brockman and tj going to town. Some jaanus meals nuggets deeper. You over their brockton. I got a thirty bucks. I'm about two thirds of the way done this morning. It's going to be here today. I'm going to miss these guys next week. We've got andy staples checking in coming up next. Talk all things college. Football the balance of power in the sec. What's happening when he gets some answers. From andy coming up next.

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