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Up their 93 north slow going through that Medford stretch. Otherwise, it's pretty good all the way to the New Hampshire line. My King W B Z is traffic on the three now a check of the four day W. B C After weather forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson is with US and Some changes in the air Brian certainly Arvin, especially by late in the week by Thursday and Friday, We're gonna have an interesting intersection between subtropical Boisture and some cold air coming in from the North by late in the week, But in the meantime, just kind of chilly tonight we'll turn out Rather, cloudy should be dry through the evening. There will be some rain sneaking in late tonight into tomorrow morning. Not a lot, though Low 44 in Boston upper thirties in the coldest spots. Let's try to break for some sun tomorrow afternoon High of 53 Partly cloudy tomorrow night Low 45 cloudy and chilly Thursday. Some of the moisture left over from tropical Storm Zeta is going to be coming our way. So we're going to see rain moving in by the afternoon. Some of the heaviest times into Thursday night is going to be pretty good soaking and then by late Thursday night, we could start to see some snow mix in northwest of Boston's colder air gets pulled down. Captors fall from the fifties. Thursday into the thirties to near 40 Thursday night, Windy and cold with Raina times Friday, again mixed with snow a times the best chance again North and West attempt will stay in the upper thirties to near 40. I'm asking about the meteorologist Brian Tops of W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio and 51 degrees right now at end over 50 in Worcester, 59. In New Bedford 53. Degrees in Boston. Folks. It's Susan. Morning. Listen to me. Do not live in fear that you are going to lose your house and your money to a nursing home, called the Commonwealth Advisory Group at 1 800. In 051415,.

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