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For Automotive education. Good morning and welcome to the auto lab. This is a live broadcast, and our number is toll free at 18886927234. That's 18886927234 and now the automotive technology programs at the consortium for Automotive Education presents The auto lab and now live from our studios in New York. Here's the auto lads, automotive experts. Good morning. Order. Live listening. This is Mike Porcelli, along with the rest of the order Web team. David Goldsmith. Morning, David. Hey. Good morning, Mike. We have Jerry and you're headed past story. Good morning. All right, Nicole Mark said Good morning to call. Hey, everybody. How are you? Robert Erskine all the way from England. A very well welcome from Suffolk. I were about to be hit five, the East off the beast or the beast from Russia. Heavy snow over suffered going, man. Why is it warm over there? Hmm? Because that's how we like our bare beast from the East. Also way also adjoined by Jeff Alone our transmission Maru. Good morning, everybody from underneath the Whitestone Bridge. It's kind of chilly down here today On way have Ian Kerr call guys Reon just still sleeping. Uh, all right, and I am Mike put Shelly and we are here to answer all your automotive questions and bring you all the latest automotive news. You can call us with your comments and questions at 8886927234. 8886927234 or email US at auto lab radio at gmail dot com. Who knows the Facebook. That's auto lab lab radio Auto lad 11 radio. Had joined a right now actually so weaken. Hot. Get some questions from you via the Facebook page, and you can see comments and stuff. We get someone pictures up there. Auto lab radio on Facebook. Okay every week at this.

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