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McNab, or you probably heard it in the clip. He used the plural term for whatever was on that jet. That's now of so much concern more than one device that could potentially be threat at the crash site at Marseille reserve base. Craig figure KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. We can add to the nearby riverside, national cemetery is closed and services set for today have been postponed because of the fighter jet crashed. The cemetery says it is unclear at this point, Wendy, it'll be reopening and resuming services. Disneyland. Could be swamped if waters damn fail. We'll tell you more about that live report coming up in just about two minutes. Right nowadays. Twelve o five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Here's Denise fond of roadwork affecting an offramp to LAX for five northbound Lothair office closed until two o'clock by Cal trans and traffic is slow from the one of five in west LA, right to the ten so use the Florence or the Manchester off-ramps or take the one oh, five westbound on the eastbound side of the five at Garfield stalled truck cleared from the freeway, but it left a backup starting at central avenue now for the ten a couple of problems. I ten west Atlantic. We've got a crash with a backup there from Baldwin avenue. We also had a wreck earlier ten west at walnut growth that did clear. That's in the Rosemead area, and then ten west via Verdy overturned car crash. Still their first and second lane from the left the backup infamous starting right at white and eastbound side is slow from about grant. In Santa Clarita fourteen northbound right? At golden valley road. We've got a stall reported and that is in the number four lane. And we've got a step car on the sixty west. This is a break. Canyon, it sitting in the center, divider and traffic is slow from diamond bar boulevard. And brea, fifty seven south at imperial, we've got a crash in the two left lanes. Slow from Lambert road. Next report twelve fifteen I'm Denise Fonda. With more traffic reports. More often KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio today tomorrow much the same sunshine today we're looking at high's, mid sixties lower seventies mostly clear tonight with overnight lows in the fifties tomorrow,.

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