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On. And then maybe they'll get the hit, right? Taekwon Thornton is everything the Patriots have refused to draft. For the last 20 years at the wide receiver position. And that's why I'm excited about it. I'm not saying that, oh, you know, he's definitely going to hit. But they didn't do the same thing again and again. It's not the same thing. It's not like, I think even some people knew with Nikhil like this isn't going to work, right? This isn't their treylon Burks, then that's the same thing, right? Even if I would say even to a degree, if they had drafted a guy like George pickens, I think George pickens is much faster than Nikhil Harry, but it's still that big outside receiver who's got weight translated speed. Right. There's the injury concerns. That feels like Malcolm Mitchell wish, Chad Jackson ish. They needed speed on offense. They needed size and speed on offense. Yeah. They got size and speed on offense. Like, I know that that said, oh, that's too simplistic. It's really not. That's what the draft is. That's what it is. They needed size and speed they got size and speed, it was the fastest capable receiver on the board. I like to pick. I really, really do. And then it's a rare combination. It's not just the speed. It's the rare combination of size speed and body control. Like he's not a great route runner. Hopefully they figure it out this time. And we've had I don't remember who it is. But we had some guy in the comments who comes on here all the time and talks about the Patriots, you know, it's not going to be now the McDonald's has gone, it's not going to be the Patriots offense. They're going to run Mac Jones's Alabama offense. Right. And there's been some indications of that. This off season, they're moving away from the full back. Getting more athletic at the guard position if that's the case, you don't need taekwondo to be a great route runner. Slants and goes, slants fades and goes. And he can do that. That's what he can do. So I'm also going to be clamoring all season long for him to be running deep crossing routes too. I just think that that's the easiest way in my opinion now deep overs that the Kansas City Chiefs made deep over is cool, right? Tyreek hill going across the field on the deep over out is what made that take off in the entire NFL. And I look at Thornton and I'm just saying that ability as well. Yeah. Yeah, I'm just saying that like I don't think he needs to run all these double moves and all these complicated routes. Like one cut routes. You can have him just run one cut routes and he will be productive in that in that role. I really like to pick and then the other thing is too, this frees up. I don't know that they'll do it now because I think you got to see where he's at at camp. This frees up them to maybe move Nelson Aguilar. They're a little redundant if thorton's still a year or again, I wouldn't do it now if Thor and still a year away, you do the red shirt, but if Thornton comes out and he's lighting it up in camp, then you can maybe move Nelson agro. I think he gets some form. Maybe you get like a decent corner, maybe you get another offensive lineman, maybe you might be able to get a top one 50 pick for him next year. So I think that's a good move. From a roster building.

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