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A good day. Getting started Tommy Tucker on WWL, the news, talk and sports leader. So the Washington Redskins are in dire quarterback straits after losing two quarterbacks. I think in three games with broken legs. And I just remind has nothing to do with anything. But it reminded me the Joe thighs men had that horrific knee and John broken leg. When Lawrence Taylor hit him that was decades ago. I guess but he was a Redskins quarterback as well. So I don't know if it's the curse of the broken leg or not at either at any point the Redskins said they thought about Colin Kaepernick, but thought he wouldn't fit their offense. And the guy they're going to go with people thinking, I'm saying this about Colin Kaepernick, and I'm not the guy they're going to go with hasn't thrown a pass in the NFL since twenty eleven he was last with a team on Twitter at twenty fifteen rather for twenty fifteen season. And when he was throwing passes, he wasn't terribly good at it. Ten interceptions five touchdowns and his record was oh in five. So we're just asking you when it comes to Colin Kaepernick is it time for an NFL team to give Colin Kaepernick another chance. In other words, has he paid his debt? Should he be banned from the NFL for life and every ban him for life? What about people like Kareem hunt who on video was was? Push woman and kicked her when she was down on the ground. I don't think he should ever ever wearing NFL uniform again. But that's just me back to the phone lines. We go to John in Kenner. Hey, john. You're on wwl. Hey, tom. Good morning morning. I'm fine. How are you doing? Okay. My my thing with the key cabinet thing. Deal is I don't I mean in my in my view, it's not a race issue is is Neil at at at the flag, the national anthem and disrespecting the military. But the thing with what you're asking is. Should he be doing a second chance? I mean like to call it a, yeah, he it's a business decision buddies owners. So I mean, he may be slightly more talented than some of the fellas. The mediocre quarterbacks. If they haven't actually like you were saying the Washington quarterback. But you know, you gotta take effect. The the baggage that comes on with him, you know, the media parade and all of that that they're going to have to deal with you know, pretty much. Half of the country willing inside passed on the other side and disruption in the locker room, John those oh absolutely disruption in a relaxed room one way or another and also, you know, one of the points, I made the screen call was you know, if he was this if he was talented enough. I mean when he when he his last year, I believe he was a backup. We wanna bench. Neil it. Right. So really wasn't that big of that big of a deal when he wound up not being on the team other than the fact that people say, well, all they got rid of them because of this and that well the thing that's my thing is if he was good a good enough quarterback. Canadian football leagues, you know. I mean, nobody picked him up. You eat any pursuant. I guess nothing was done there. So I don't be factually. He didn't wanna pay take a pay cut but the forty Niners. So he left. John Elway offered him a deal to be a quarterback at the Broncos. But he said it wasn't enough money turned him down. And Baltimore offered him a deal and Ozzie Newsome the GM there the girlfriend posted a picture of Ozzie Newsome, and and somebody else engaged in an act that is not very complimentary. And in Baltimore said new when I get involved with this at all. So it seems like in a lot of ways he causes own problem. But yes, so he he had opportunity from what I mean, I didn't know about all these all of these other opportunity had opportunity to turn them down for one reason or another. He wasn't a starting quarterback Lenny when he left like you said San Francisco didn't wanna pay more money and here ready started to go down when he was with the forty Niners. I I'm I'm I'm heavily into fantasy football. So I I remember the fact that he was getting drafted for a couple of years in anything drafted at all because he wasn't touchdowns and they weren't winning. And and I mean, I think a lot of this is own doing. I mean, you you have you have quarterbacks like that you where they have a an amount of talent. And then over years NFL just to that talent is his his legs were big part of the. He was one of the first running scrambling quarterback that that time with Mike Vick. And and then him and a couple of other ones that win the league. And once NFL starts to catch up with with these type of offenses that they're running the schemes that they're running. You're not quite as good NFL always catches up with John. You know, anything is interesting as you say that I saw a tweet from deuce McAllister yesterday in response to a question about the Cowboys in the saints and do say about every three or four years. The Cowboys figure out how to stop the saints. And that's pretty accurate if you think about it. I don't know why that is or how it happens, but I saw do sweeter. Then I was thinking, you know, what that's about right? They figure it out every three or four years. Thank you. John. Glad you called. Thank you have a good day, seven thirty more. When we come back where else start talking about these cameras in New Orleans, the department of security and also the mayor and superintendent Harrison are saying these cameras a work in the real time cameras, and I'm asking you would you like to see more of them or do you think it's an invasion on your privacy? My own feeling if I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't mind people watching me on a camera right now. It's time for wwl. First news for that. We go to David Blake from our Jefferson financial Federal Credit Union studios, helping you achieve financial success WWL, first news.

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John Elway, NFL, WWL discussed on Tommy Tucker, WWL First News

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