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You had an interview this weekend with representative Pete kidding on cats round table very very enlightening into your to sort of play one Cup from that interview and get you to expand upon it cut eleven there's some evidence I've seen over the last several years being intelligence committee being a member of Congress there's no doubt to me there was severe serious abuses that were carried out in the FBI as I believe top levels of the C. I. A. against Donald Trump there was no legal basis offer them to begin this investigation of his campaign that the way they carry forward the way information was leaked applications they filed under the FISA court to get surveillance all of this is going to come out of your show the buys it's going to show the basis is of the investigation at how dangerous it is a democracy this is a lot of my he served on the intelligence committee he's been around the block a few times of peak king is that a man who is usually accused of exploiting hyperbole this is a very very serious accusation John Catsimatidis at that as soon as the muses of the FBI the CI a and that there were no grounds for the investigation of the trump campaign this could bode very very ill for the Democratic Party in the next four hundred ninety four days now I believe that is true Peter king is a straight out he doesn't worry about being a Republican or Democrat he tells you to where he is and he's a member of the intelligence committee forever and for him to say that there's been widespread abuses and I think the American people want to know the truth I don't care if the person using Democrat or Republican you have to be treated equally and it seems like he are you in Washington and then CIA John involved he did not did not supposed to be involved in domestic affairs it seems like if they want to take somebody down yeah ninety nine point nine percent of the right people are honest hard working Americans but it seems like the Washington office that politicized in the last eight years or ten years under a president Barack Obama and it's horrible and it makes me sick to my stomach thank you you're very correct in saying Pete king is a straight shooter do we have for that actually to be consequences for this corruption Jon Katz with heat is do we have enough kings on Capitol Hill to get some justice not enough Peter Jennings I talk to people this weekend last weekend in the Democratic Party to confront he said hard working American congresspeople yes he did because they are being while the other group called the charts so something where they're going after the moderate converse people in the Democratic Party and they are scared stiff the whole they are being threatened how how significant if it's not enough on Capitol Hill how do you feel about Attorney General Bob getting to the bottom of all this corruption are you sure it's recorded journal blog doesn't Greg to OB eternal nature of the American people probably him and he should win the battle the school age the American people dead man I don't care who goes out good man yeah it's like the Epstein charges today I set it on my radio show an hour ago I don't care who's involved any a compass of this monster needs to have the book thrown at them and throw away the key we've been talking to Jon Katz Smitty to see is the host of cats round table go to Catherine table dot com follow him on Twitter J. cats twenty thirteen John congratulations on WABC well thank you and thank you for the good work you do so America god bless I'm about to go could this is America first back to locals eight.

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