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But I was working with Steve burns on nine eleven known a show that I was producing that he was hosting and what he said that day. I remember about a week later. He looked at me, and we're having a bad day and work was going sideways. Also because well, it could be worse. He could be under ninety million pounds tons of rubble and from then on that was kind of our mantra, which is you know, what you think you having a bad day you having a bad day and Tom on nanna Lynn going to see her nursing home. And they did a coolest thing where they're put the portrait's of all the veterans on the wall. And that's how that's awesome. And you. You guy sitting right there at the front step every day. He had on his head on his hat with his. I remember coming in and asking one day. Where'd you serve his midway in the Pacific war two. You know that and any file have told us from before going to any five hundred they always recognize because Memorial Day weekend. The always have a huge presence of veterans there and current service people in military service. Also, I remember sitting in the lobby of the hotel and all these guys are sitting around. And I realize it's every living congressional medal of honor all of them that they could get there. And I was like, and that's when you're like, I ain't done not. I Don Jack. I I'm sitting on the radio bragging about being the space shuttle, captain Espace, can I was sitting in coffee shop crying yesterday thinking about this. There's a famous scene in the patent movie where they're heading towards the battle of the bulge in a middle. Of the night, and there's all of these German planes flying over and then the cloud cover rose in and patent says turn on the lights and they'd go. My grandfather lived it. No, it's makes you feel pretty small just makes you realize too. It's just there's heroes and enters heroes. And we get to have a lot of them. But so we sit here me idiots and talk.

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