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This report is sponsored by Ashley home store. Mostly sunny today with temperatures in the mid to upper seventies Pomona has a high of seventy nine with big savings during the Memorial Day sale going on now at Ashley homestore, buy one, get one free accident. Here's in recliners. Save up to thirty percent off. Choose your savings and financing up to six full years interest, free financing, actually home store. This is home. This is a really good time right now to get into your local so Cal Chevy dealer because the Memorial Day sales event has been extended so maybe over memorial weekend. You went on a little road trip. Got stuck in the car, realized this card is not have what I need. I need that guy. Jesse kisses, always talking about that. Twenty nineteen traverse with the wifi and all the USB ports and all the other stuff. Maybe it's time I take a peek, because it only takes one lame road trip to remind you that you need a new ride. Chevrolets figured out something that's fuel-efficient of forcible. And yes, it's got all the techy stuff. So get in there and check out their word winning cars, trucks, and SUV's asking about the traverse death. But I'm driving. It's got the power third row on that room. But at the same time load stuff in the back all the time, and it's one of those cars where I can do it all. It's, it's got speaking of USB ports. It's got seven USB plugs. Everyone's keeping charged in my traverse, but you can find out more at your local so Cal Chevy dealer. Happen, baby, this is Selena Gomez because the kiss music is back right now or two point seven FM L, as number one hit music station. Those. So. Both. So. So you. Icu. I'm not bad. Thank you. That. Good. Good..

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