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House. In the East Atlantic beach right on the beach, and we had the house right next door to him on the beach and such a nice guy, You know, I go over there to invite me all would bring my acoustic guitar. We just sit around and play and sing and have some Cocktails and, you know total lot of stories. A lot of them one always hockey stories, but he was such a really nice guy. You see him walking to the neighborhood. He spoke to everybody all the time. Never had a bad thing to say about anybody else. Thanks for calling great stuff. Yeah, He was a great, uh, great guy. His wife, Judy, Uh, a wonderful wife. So this couple everybody in New York Love them. We lost Roger Bear suddenly over the weekend legendary Hall of Famer. Let's go to Dave in Tampa, Florida, Dave, how you doing? Yeah. Good morning Market stay from Tampa and New Jersey. Um, how about you throwing that end? New Jersey. Just say Tampa. It sounds better. It sounds nicer. Well, I agree with the last caller about Roger Beer. He was a great guy and a big loss for us. And I changing the subject back. Um, I normally totally agreed with Michael Goodwin and actually would do as well. But I disagreed today. I don't think Joe Biden made that decision to close background. I think he needs a strong drug cocktail to even stand on his feet for more than 15 minutes. In my opinion, I think Biden is in control of Quist dummy. And I know that supposedly, uh Obama runs the committee. But Obama is busy planning parties and looking for the right tent and what to have on the buffet at Martha. So he's not paying any attention. But you who do you blame the most the generals I blame whoever is advising Biden. I think the media should start asking Who has their arms up heightens but making his lips move because all right, that's a good question. Thanks for calling me out. Like I said, this, you forget this January six commission Somebody broke a window. 1000. People went through the hallways and it was a little trespassing incident the capital freely. There's nothing to investigate. Let's investigate this. Let's find out who made the stupid decisions. To leave the civilians have the military go first, and then later you go back and try to rescue the civilians instead of the civilians, leaving first, who made the decision to leave 600,000 weapons plus a full airbase sitting there for the Taliban to take Who made all these stupid decisions. Somebody's got to get to the bottom of this and these generals, that's the other problem. They all look so stupid. Blinken Lloyd, Austin, Millie Jake Sullivan. It looks so dumb, all of them that it protects each of them because the other three look just as bad. So you don't know who to fire. There's so many problems. Let's go to Chris in Manhattan. Chris, what's going on? Good morning mark. First of all I agree with the previous quarter. Who says that Biden is really not to blame for any of this because he has no idea what's going on. But there's two things I want to say. The first we can agree that Biden is on has benefited financially from both China and Russia in the past, no matter what happens. Who who benefits by closing our pipeline and opening up the Russians. Pipeline. It doesn't help anything environmentally. It just hurts. America makes us Oh, no, no, no, but obviously obviously it helps Russia. We were the We were totally independent energy was we didn't have to buy anything from Russia. We had this Biden decision close Our pipeline let Russia opened. There's a make of fortune obviously had something to do with his relationship with Russia. Remember Hunter Biden got a $3 million deposit in his bank account from the mayor of Moscow's family. I mean, the mayor of Moscow, your figure has got to be pretty plugged into the Russian government there. To Putin. So a $3 million deposit into hundreds bank account. Now we know from hunters, emails in which he admits All of this money is shared with Joe and the rest of the family. And it pays for all the jobs, stuff and everything so Joe participates in this $3 million. So and that's the one we found out about this $3 million deposit. Who knows what other uh, gratuities were paid to the Biden family? So that might answer that, and we know China made a massive payment. 100, Biden's company. It was it a billion dollars, something like that. To be spread around so You can corrupt we could live with usually a corrupt politicians. Not that stupid, but he's corrupt and the dumbest guy in the world and he's president. Ed Rollins is the dean of political commentators, and he served in a number of white houses. We'll talk to him next and ask him how the hell did this happen?.

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