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Here we go. Week nine underway With eight games in the early segment, the Texans and Jaguar is getting set to get underway in Jacksonville, the Washington football team looking to avenge of previous lost to the Giants. The only win for the Giants so far this year. Three and four Broncos taking on the two and six Falcons two wins coming under Raheem Morris, who took over three weeks ago. The Lions and the Vikings also getting underway in Minnesota. And, of course, the chief's 71 taking on the Panthers, who welcome back Christian McCaffrey is there in the throes of a three game skid. The Seahawks in Bill's six and one Seattle at six. And to Buffalo today and the Ravens and Cults five and two are both of those teams. Of course. Titans of five to taking on the five and three bears. What a day. It is for the second Sunday in November, and we have glorious weather throughout the sites of the early games. We have 70 degrees in Washington. We have 70 degrees in Kansas City. We even have 70 degrees in Buffalo at Minnesota, even if that is indoors, so whether is not a factor here. For the first weekend in November as we kick off week nine as we have made the turn into the second half of the season, so the defending champion chief's having no issues at all with their title defense. So far, they have been rolling thus far, the only lost in the first half of the season a defeat at home at the hands of their longtime rival. Now the Las Vegas Raiders but taking on the Panthers today, who come in at three and five on the season and again coming off three straight losses, But they do get Christian McCaffrey back and they have struggled on third down, so his sight is certainly welcome today as it always is being one of the top runners. In the league in Minnesota. You have the return of ever since Griffin, who spent a decade they're taking on a CZ. They are now he is now with lines they're taking on the Vikings. And, of course, Adrian Peterson back as well. Kickoff is underway, so let's get to the sites right now. Jeff's L. In Atlanta for the Falcons and the Broncos, Jeff Hello, Ridge. The Broncos won the coin toss so and naturally, they decided to defer and picked. The Falcons picked it out of the end zone. So Atlanta will start first intent on their own 25 yard line that riled try and hook up with you. Leo Jones, Russell Gage. As we know. Cal politically is out when Denver's on offense, of course, Jerry Judy will be a top target as a receiver Noah Phantom Bell the court right now that Ryan starts up by knowing a completion To hate in hers for about a 10 yard completion. Atlanta has the ball. 1st and 10 at 35 were scoreless for 50 remain working. If you were standing in the first quarter, right 10 seconds in there, let's go to Christian Vetter in Kansas City. The chief's underway, But Carolina has the ball first. Yeah, Rich Chiefs won the toss, so they defer to the second half of the Panthers. Get the ball and they've got the ball. Now they get Christian McCaffrey back been out since week with a high ankle sprain, So he's back in action. They'll need Him to try. Tio hold, you know, control the ball. Keep that ball out of the hands of Patrick Mahomes through five touchdowns and went over 400 yards last week and win over the Jets. So here we are, in the early going in this game, Chief Chiefs and Panthers no score. All right. I told you about the reunion's in Minnesota. Everson Griffen, Adrian Peterson back in town today, Let's check in with Eric Nelson. Get Rich and Adrian Peterson has first Terry of the game goes for eight yards. So the Lions facing a curtain to from their own 33 here early in the first quarter, 14 25 to go again. Pivotal game for all teams in the NFC Detroit three and four Minnesota to 15. The Vikings are winless season at U. S Bank Stadium. There own three and looks like the Lions are going to be just short on the third down and to grow. So Perhaps a running situation of coming for Detroit again. 14 minutes to go. First quarter alliance will send the punting unit out to the field, so buying a fake gun. I will kick it away to Minnesota scoreless here in Minneapolis. Alright as they mentioned the roof open at Lucas Oil Stadium, where the Colts are hosting the Ravens today, and the Colts have the ball first. Let's check in with Andrew Smith has been the Jonathan Taylor Show so far for the Indianapolis Colts. A little bit of discussion. Would Taylor start this game or with Jordan Wilkins, who had 89 words on 20? Kerry's last week in Detroit, get the start after a really good second half, But so far, the Colts have run three plays, and Jonathan Taylor has gotten in touch. On all three and he's carried the colt out from their own 22 to their own 38, where they're facing third and five minutes 41 seconds into this game that features 25 and two teams. The top two wild cards. In the A F. C as well as the Colts tied for first place in the A F C South. So a lot of big playoff implications in this matchup between the Colts and the Raven 13 19 to go In the first quarter and we are scoreless. Alright, Good start for the bills in Buffalo. Let's check in with Paul Hamilton. Well, the bills get a three play 45 Yard drive, including the kickoff return by Andre Roberts. They didn't have a minus play as though they had a 60 yard return by Roberts. That brought the ball to the Seattle 45 yard line. He took the ball about seven yards deep in the end zone, brought it out, went down the left sideline, and then Alan went three for three in the drive a six yards past a single Carrie Ah 14 yard past digs. And then a 25 yard touchdown toe. Isaiah McKenzie, who was open the got behind the Seattle defense and McKenzie scored and the Bills are on top seven to nothing with a quick three play 45 yard drive. It only took one minute and 25 seconds, so the bills felt they could score against Seattle. They knew they had to score against Seattle. On their first drive their successful now let's see what the Seahawks Khun do after the kickoff seven. Nothing bills 13 35 left to go first quarter, All right. That was the first touchdown of the day. We also have another Jake Lewton make his presence felt early. Here's Brian Scheibel in Jacksonville. Yeah, Quite the first impression. Jake Lewton, Jack Jackson out the game with the first version of the game and on a third and a gluten steps back by about 40 yards in the air. Cjh arc. Hold it in. And this race is everybody at the end of the 73 yard touchdown on the first drive, Jake leaving the Jaguars strike first year against the Texans. So they leave 40 minutes to go first quarter up, seven up. Alright, so making his first NFL start and his what? What a way to break in. A 73 yard scoring play to D. J. H. Ark. So, ah, very nice Start for J Gluten and the Jaguars as they lead the Texas by a score of seven to nothing. Let's head to Brant Douglas in Tennessee. It was three and out for the Titans early, Brandt. Not three and out thus far for the Chicago Bears on their first drive in eight yard pastor Kordell Patterson followed by a little shot in the flight out to Jimmy Graham for 24 yards..

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