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Just on. They're everywhere your favorite, White Lady. June. Everywhere. They really are. There's honestly like sometimes there's too many of them. White ladies they seem to be everywhere. It is sh remakes and I can. Go for days talking about the new Julian fellowes. anyways. I digress. So I think truthfully what I'll say the what drew me to drink club was my friendship with you and we met at Sierra and I think what? You know to the honest when I joined that space did know is very white. But what what made me want to stay was meeting a group of women that was very committed to justice and. Really willing to examine. The ways in which they uphold. Systemic racism and finding a pathway to justice that was a daily practice, which is something I. Definitely. Felt in my relationship early on with you. And so I think that's also drew me to the Jane Club, and then a big draw was also meeting. Sean Tower. if you know if this hasn't been communicated enough, she's amazing. But Yeah I mean I think here's the thing. Like for me. Any place you can go has work to do towards just seeking justice, and for me, the question is not necessarily like I. Don't believe that it's possible to be in a place that is. Devoid of harm. But what I am seeking is a place that's always committed to finding justice when harm is caused, and that is something that I think is central to the gym club And I think even central to my relationship with you that we have been able to have difficult conversations around race. On systemic oppression and. Hold that tension and grow from a and seek dresses. Yes I The work that brought the club has changed my life truly and I know that a lot of people feel that way I mean both of you have changed lives and I, know our listeners it sounds like I'm describing the Colt and. That's not untrue. It's true. A little true. It's honestly is a little bit true and I don't ask people to sleep with me but. It's also not discouraged. occurred. To describe Shawna's work in what it means to build community connect people. Allow people to. Authentic to show up, you know I was thinking about this the other day thinking about like, wow, this is a space. Cares more about how you are than what you do That is asking people to show up in the mess of their lives and also space that's asking people to stretch. Themselves and I know Sean to you're able to lead so much of our programming and the hold space for people and and sometimes I I have a hard time describing what it is you do or how you do that could you help us understand a bit? What it is to. To hold space for people and to create an environment where. People feel valued and people feel seen but also. But also feel the comfort of knowing that the spaces is going to be brave and facilitated and that we are holding ourselves accountable. My goodness I feel like I carry that a little message Everette going played for people before they meet me. I. Sound like a really interesting. that's really very kind. I'm all joking aside, I'd have to say you know. And I don't mean to downplay because I really do. Not only do I enjoy the work that I do with the Jane Club I find that it really serves. A specific purpose for me I like to think of my I live my life intentionally as someone who is of service to those around them my on my cell I my community, and those around me you know and it just keeps growing and growing and growing but I have to say I have found that really what I feel like what I do is and I say this quite often my meet new members I am not A. I'm none of those kinds of things nor do I hold myself out as one when I m someone who has? Two particular characteristics that really make this kind of work work for me one I'm a really active listener. Pay Attention. When you're talking to me, I don't look behind you in front of you nothing. I'm just paying attention and listening to you. I'm not waiting for the opportunity to talk I'm not going to get ready to try to dissuade you from what your saying. I just want to hear what your point of view and I don't even have to agree with it. And the other hand. Shakes practice I'm a real chatty Gal even though I'm an introvert, I'm a chatty Gal. So if I feel comfortable, I just want to control the conversation and quite honestly my favorite thing in life is being right. I've had to really let that go. and. The other thing is I have a really wanted to. I've got empathy I mean it's not a joke and I know that it can feel very empty. Do Seiichi who don't know you very well even upon meeting you actually care about your experience what's happening to you in that is true. I. Don't know why. I like that idea I actually just happened to care about what people say and how they feel so. Even if I can't relate to your pet that has just passed away and you're telling me about how you bet I don't have ever owned a cat or a dog I've never owned one. But what I do know is what loss feels like I know what grief feels like and so I'm able to come to you and say, how is your heart today? Encourage you if you're willing again respecting your boundaries and your sense of confidentiality hey join our genes to Jane's our weekly rotating support group this week it's about grief next week. It's about being single during cove it the week after it's about getting back to work or back to school. I care about how people feel. Um and I think the Important simple as that. Is that I care and the Jane's thank you when they come in and I think they sort of stand they get the flow of how we do things there. I think I have seen people share stunningly private information and be invalid by the community, and that's where the magic is. This becomes a place that you can turn where people care about you and support you and it may. Be The only time in your day that someone is asking you for something requiring you to do something for them as June Diane says, we are the place that takes care of the person who's taking care of everyone else when you come to the Jane Club we and I as the chief community engagement officer I am here to take care of you and I take that very seriously. And one of the things are able to do Shanta is also by by having such a close connection with the community I've seen you then be able to curate the programming based on what you are hearing and listening to, and then you're able to build out an entire series because of what you into it and understand the community needs and that's really really powerful. Neal M. G. I want to ask you for so many of our listeners who who who might have started of their own, who might want to start a business a An organization and think Oh that that equity in diversity part is going to come when we're established that piece of it is going to get locked in 'cause. This is honestly think what I thought that we weren't somehow successful enough. To require this that we weren't in a position yet to bring someone who? Is as qualified as you are on to lead this. On. That you know kind of C. Suite level and so can you talk a little bit about what it is to enter an organization and and I'm curious I'm just simply curious to do. You have thoughts on on equity and inclusion and diversity in the startup world and when it should be introduced I, mean I think I, know the answer but do you have any thoughts on it Yeah. I mean like towards the end. No I mean, you.

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