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Elsie our sympathy six flush it up wrong just like in a prices right who got the lows one we say 55 i said yes while he's forty nine hundred fifty two guys orange reiter or you want to be you want the news you know what israel name is on a son and our ran rico yes robert van winkle discern analysts better watch out man yeah or dan moisture rise be careful forty nine yet as crazy i didn't i have no idea parliament what is your confidence level to enrich he'll tonight uh you know what's really interesting is the i think there might be the first are we brought up his name in almost two hours and we've been top of the dodgers orlando heard high prior averages igor oh yeah we were to our current charlotte mri right and and you know what i think this is this is really a big time moment for for rich hero because he is some were over an afterthought in this larger conversation we had in fact when you look at all the starting pitchers he's the one who actually pitched pretty well and again you know what i'm saying didn't give up our image the best he would pitched as i gotta but those are the two guys you a least expected to have the best games how would per hour right right i would feel i guess i'm confident about him on his era is a little under three and three starts in a postseason a what can you you know 13 in and compete for enron's what he will you think you know we keep whenever i mean i'm not really trip up i like the collected a lot better than i did watching kershaw leaving here's a name again leaving in the fifth inning the com p colognebased the competitor in me would be by you know work airbus timer everybody else manner there kershaw blah blah blah i hope he goes out.

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