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You know every day it's as we're motivated to keep the legacy of these legendary and courageous athletes alive and and and it's an honor to be able to do this work. Bob I'm sure that you wish you could be welcoming more people through your doors during the centennial of the Negro Leagues and that. More of the celebrations that you had planned in partnership with Major League Baseball could take place this year given given. The way that the pandemic has affected going to things including baseball games and museums although your museum is open. For visitors now in a relatively limited way. But I hope that some of those centennial. Activities can become centennial in one activities. Next year. Absolutely. We've already come up with the concept of Negro Leagues One oh one and those are stepped foot on a college cabinet one or one class where the only ones out that. So we're GONNA, use a create an educational initiative that will kind of carry and drive next year celebration. As we keep create a continuum of things that we weren't able to get done this year certainly doesn't diminish the fact that there's still a mouse year and the launching of our tip your cap. To the Negro Leagues. Campaign really gave a boost to this milestone celebration this year you know there's virtual campaign it just really took off and it was a crazy idea that I had that after we couldn't do our national day of recognition with Major League Baseball we're all thirty teams were going on the Negro Leagues and and essentially do an in stadium tip your cap with fans and players, and as you will know in our sport, there's nothing more honorable that a ballplayer can do. Simple tip of the cat, it is the ultimate show of respect and so I came up this nose into virtual tip of the CAP? Could we get fans pass a few players current and former to take a picture or video of themselves? Tipping, their, cap. And on the Negro Leagues. Well little did I know that it would go viral and when we lost his campaign on June twenty ninth of this year, we lost it with four US president tipping their Cap President Obama President. Bush President Clinton President Jimmy Carter and then we even Jesse went into outer space and God a literally how to worldly tip the cap from astronaut. Chris. Cathy. who was aboard the International Space shuttle when he tipped his cap I, think at that point we realize we have something pretty doggone special year and that effort is. Still continuing, and so we're keeping the tip, your cap campaign going certainly through at least August sixteen. But with the popularity of this will likely to keep it going through the end of the centennial year, and for those who might be interested in tipping their Cap, You can upload autograph of yourself or Short Video. You know to photos at tipping your Cap Dot Com, and then the website if you WanNa, go on and look at these amazing folks who have tip the cap in honor of the Negro Leagues. The website is at www dot tipping your cap.

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