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And he really he just lived and breathed Frank came. But Tom, I think. This is your show. I didn't mean to. No, no knows. No. I wanna say. I wanted to go go. Go ahead. I was going to tell you that. And I won't tell the story because it takes too long. It's not my show. But I have a Woody Harrelson story where I was at war correspondent for many years, and I come into war in Bosnia. And what he was in a movie about Sarajevo playing a reporter. And it at moment in the movie he stood up at a press conference in movie and asked the UN official. He said a line exact line. I said, okay. So I knew the writer of the movie we went to the opening of it. And I said later that was my lining goes. I know it was you he said, but Harrelson better. Better. So you and I are two guys who both had he do our dialogue. You might be interested. And I'm going to bring this up. We'll talk all day with we don't get. But the Janis good friend of mine. John I was writing this John tell him with who who you pitched this to I well when I had the script written the producers said well who are the two guys who are to retire, Texas Rangers. And I thought about it for a minute. And I said, you know, how great would it be to bring Redford and Newman bag as as their as the number three for the trifecta after the stem Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, and the producer laughed, and he said, you know, he said, it's wild idea. We'll never get him. But why not start there? And what we sent it to Redford niece said, not only do I want to do it. But I'm going to ask you not to send it to Paul because I'm going to get on a plane flight to Connecticut and give him the script myself because I'm not gonna let him wiggle out of this. When we're going to do it and I worked with with Redford and Newman. Individually for months, which was incredible highlight in life, and but then Paul started to get sick. And and that that that fell apart and Paul meet such a great humanitarian, wonderful guy. And we lost such treasure in American treasure. But the once we lost Redford and Newman where do you go from there? And that's why the project said on shell for six years until read for until Costner. Woody got to that that age. In fact, they're closer to the actual ages of Hamer and golf than Redford and Newman were hey, Tom got anything about you got anything about Washington. You know, what I think we should leave it where we have. All right, man. I think that's actually more historical. What what you and John have been talking about for that me? Join your show today. Sar pleasure. Tom, tom. Nice to meet you think taps for me for watching the movie I'm gonna I'm gonna make a beeline desk it about ten minutes. And then. Yeah. And then look up John dash Fusco dot com. John Visco dot com. He's got books and every great books and everything. So all right, man. Thank you. Right. So do we stay here? Dana we just go on. Okay. So so if you've been listening you've been hearing already John go, and let's just keep talking about what let me so John the high women we've been talking about you've heard and watch the cross John also wrote crossroads with Ralph macho young guns young guns, two thunderheart, Sam Sheppard, Val, Kilmer Loch Ness, Ted Danson was in that spirit stallion of the Cimarron, which was an animated beautiful movie dream peoper head Dow go silent thunder the forbidden kingdom that literally broke all the box office records in China. That was with Jackie Chan jet Li Jackie Chan jet Li crouching tiger hidden dragon to the shack. High women brings us up also books paradise salvage dog beach and a little monk in the mantis. I've read all those books have not seen all the movies. But let's go to paradise salvage John Fujiko, which brings you to the beginning. We know you're. Credentials after just listening to the show for the last ten or twelve minutes. Let's go back to the day one day. Well, I grew up in in Connecticut and.

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