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Bell plays for next season. The number one team in my mind ever since it became clear, he was gonna hit the open market next year. Now one caveat where the Steelers could try to get cute and use the transition tag. Although they can't keep it from hitting the open market and signing with whoever he wants to sign with and they have a right to match and they're not going to match between James Connor, Jalen Samuels. They're not going to pay big money to keep lady bell around. I think the jets are the team that will put the money together. I think the jets are ready to spend baby they're going to spend baby they're going to have to Jim Harbaugh, then they're gonna have after leaving on bell. And we'll see if they get on bell. Because there was a report that emerged recently Faulk Yano of S N Y reported that bell is keeping on the colts. It bell is intrigued by Andrew lock that offensive line. They're putting together with Quentin Nelson. Six overall pick in the draft last year who has become a force. He was the NFL's offensive rookie of the month in October. And the offensive line and the rest of the team really taking on that Quinton Nelson. Very rough and tumble mindset in a good way. Lady on bell intrigued by the colts. But what the colts pay? Chris Ballard is not going to go out and pay top dollar the first day of free agency. Now, your general approach can be you wait for the market to soften. And then you go shopping for bargains with the understanding that every once in a while you go out and spend topped all of the patriots do that. They did that with Stefan. Gilmore course. The only time they ever did that before Kilmore was a daily as Thomas. Remember him? Thomas didn't work out. Gilmore's worked out in large part because the rest of the defense hasn't. But maybe that's what Ballard will do. They got the cap number. The got the cash. And also, there's an owner to be concerned about jimmer sake. Say I want lady on bell earth say. At a press conference last year after they fired. Chuck Pagano suggested that they would go saquon Barkley. In the draft. Now, they wouldn't have gotten a chance Adam because they were number three number six for the jets. But it could be Jetson coal to vying for lady on bell question for Lebanon bell. Eventually may be do you take less? To play for. The colts. With a better offense of line with a more proven quarterback. And a team that still has a chance to win the division. Texans losing colts win Sunday. Call to the FCC, south champions in rebuilding year. Rebuilding. If they're rebuilding this year. How good are they going to be next year when they're not? Chris Ballard told us at the league meetings last year that it's gonna take to drafts to make the team competitive teams already competitive. Chris Ballard has an argument for executive of the year. When you think about the draft pick. They did they get Quinton Nelson and traded down to get him picked up extra stuff. Spend the money wisely picked up Eric Ibran for bargain-basement dollars. And they don't need lady. On belly got Marlin MAC at bargain basement dollars for the next two years at rookie minimum salaries. Why do you want to spend a bunch of money on bell guy who hasn't played in a year? You got MAC for six figures each of the next two seasons. Pay bell seventeen million a year. I say wants them. No or say may get him. Charlie Jones wants to know is there a worst tackling team than the chiefs. Tackling isn't what it used to be. And I know that when you say that you run the risk of sounding like old man yelling at clouds, but they don't work on the fundamentals like they used to. They don't have live tackling in practice like they used to. And part of the reason is that you don't want to get your house injured. You don't want to inflict head trauma? Unnecessarily Tim green the former first round pick of the falcons whose dealing with a LS. Now. There was a recent sixty minutes profile, and he spoke there either there or in a prior story. He did with sixty minutes about how practices worse than a game is beat the hell out of each other. They used to now they don't and the downside to that. Is you have guys who who don't tackle as well as they used to because they don't work on the fundamentals now, they have like that that robotic tackling dummy have different techniques to help you learn how to tackle. But I don't think there's any replacement for trying to tackle another human being who can move in an infinite variety of directions. And you have to develop that sense of what it takes to hit low to apply the tackle the right way and get him to the ground. And there just isn't enough work. Put in it doing it the right way. They don't have the opportunities. They don't want to take the physical risks. So yeah, you get the games, and you don't tackle. While a lot of teams don't tackle what kind of the way it works. All right. Here's how it works. Here. We.

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