South Chu Lai, South Vietnamese Army, Viet Cong Regiment discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Operations starlight struck me as a really interesting battle the as you as you outlined the marines had been very static for they the first units that arrived in in march of nineteen sixty five and through the summer data stablised in addition to protecting denying that which is was an existing base they'd they'd create a two smaller basis one to the north and one to the south and the one to the south chu lai had been basically just cut out of the wilderness it wasn't it wasn't by a town or or anything like that and they were the marines were becoming increasingly frustrated because they couldn't locate any any significant presence of of vietcong units and they were they were being harassed by individual sniper fire and then there was a raid on the base at at the name that actually earned a lot of headlines back home and and raise the level of alarm that the con with a some sappers blew up the wire and charged into the airbase and blew up some some aircraft and it was a spectacular not a not a hugely damaging raid but spectacular and newsworthy and so there was a very strong growing feeling in the in the marines that they needed to do something about this and in the case of the basic at chu lai the southern most of the three the there was a deserter and aviv cong deserter who turned himself into the south vietnamese army and reported that a viet cong regiment was gathering in the vicinity of this this peninsula which was just about thinking about ten miles ten or twelve miles south of chu lai and they had went up through the ranks and the the celtics in amis general was convinced that the that the deserter was was telling the truth and that they really did finally have a location for for a significant via via com force so they the marines employed a fairly elaborate plan to attack this this battalion or i'm sorry regiment and trap.

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