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To have that kind of moment that uh you know you just going to remember sure and she was amazing design your post and yet she did and as she just said to two i guess she forgot it was a movie she hates or something a very nice said i was the only one lot of people were lining up to get things signed there so you know i i just i i brought up the encyclopedic mind for a purpose there's a party trick that you're very proud of this so i'm gonna say aristotle what year reborn god you can do it up up to ninety ninety two nineteen eighty to ninety two 90s a baby okay you are a baby is okay well the best picture of this is a ninety two's tough it's tough even do or my dad has easy i'll do yeah i'm eighty six r a nice fifty one ninety to its is unforgiven but i have to think of all the other acting but okay what are you 1950 1950 was best picture was all about eve best actress was judy holliday four born yesterday best actor was jose for rare for cyrano de bergerac best supporting actor was george sanders for all about eve best supporting actress was josephine hull for harvey yes so you know you have that of the app five and you're you're was eighty six eighty six the best picture was okay with paul newman was a best actor for color of money and.

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