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Up a little bit later mark marks a volley is announcing he's back in the race for accounting exactly ran last time around former Republican ran as a Democrat I think you can do that again Jack Zimmerman is in that race the county auditor will have a little more on that and he'll join us at two thirty five we have a big debate tonight on M. S. N. B. C. C. fighter made is in Sin City joins this afternoon preview CBS news correspondent how are you Steve I'm doing great in the as they call it the gambling Mecca I love that terminology for Las Vegas gambling Mecca I should have planned my trip a little differently but I am due out there on Friday truth be told and I mentioned this earlier I'm going out to see the Doobie brothers only problem is the Doobie brothers will not be there they had canceled their their shows out there temporarily because Tom Johnson their lead singer doesn't have a voice so I'm still gonna come out there but I guess I should have planted a couple of days earlier you're coming on Friday yeah Friday I'll be there Friday Saturday listen we have a caucus on Saturday and I'm hoping the caucus ends early enough that I can go to the heavyweight championship fight on section heights in Vegas what's the fight scene now I'm I'm free that was the night we're still see the duty so maybe I should head over that yeah it's Wilder and jury I don't know what the tickets are costing I'm gonna press credential as you might expect but yeah it did the last fight was quite quite a battle and we'll see what happens you know I've never been to a big fight like that I've been to one here in Saint Louis but nothing along those lines so that might be fun to do look might might buddy who's out there he's got tons of money I just tell the buy the tickets on StubHub yeah that's a good idea I'm old enough to have gone to some of the classic fights you know Hagler and Hearns and I was just a Mohammed a lead pipe Hey Corey on heavy weight fight with all the deal that there's nothing like it in Las Vegas so you actually saw Muhammad Ali in person I have a I interviewed Mohammed Ali a number of times I'm showing my age I hate to do that but because it's Mohammed Ali I will do it yeah he was a boyhood idol of mine ended up covering him and was in the number of his fights and interview them several times and I'll leave was obviously the unique character of our times what was Z. the documentary that was out about the rumble in the jungle that was just fed yes when they were kings only working losing your local movie and listen our leaders are come across always that well in that documentary on Lee was doing some names stuff to George foreman was psychological warfare because the telecast it was just boxing ability former stronger and younger and a lead used a psychological battle to beat him where I found moving by the time the movie came out Forman was pouring with I'll be to promote the film at that point Lee was already hit pretty hard with Parkinson's George foreman maybe one of the nicest human beings I've ever met very simple lever he's at peace with himself that was the most humiliating moment of his boxing career being beaten by a leak yet he's going around with all the touring with them a promoting him and the movie and the fight I added on this very movie how it's just one of those movies that it has stuck with me and I always recommend it to people really really amazing so let's talk about the rumble in Las Vegas tonight because he asks you don't look Steve as much of a political junkie as I am even these previous debates have been just too much for me from the standpoint you can't even hear what people are saying there's too many voices up there I would say this one tonight with Mike Bloomberg on the stage is probably must see TV or must listen to radio yeah listen on paper looks great we've been to bring back to sports events again sometimes you there's a big deal look for sports event a boxing match a football game sometimes it lives up to expectations sometimes it doesn't so going into this debate yes if your lives up to expectations this is gonna be something to see because we're going to have Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg on stage for the first time and guess what they're all going to some to some degree go after them Bloomberg knows that he knows with the attacks are going to be I don't think there's gonna be any surprise attacks on him how is he going to respond he's been able to rehearse the responses and was feeling very very very interesting is there any doubt at this point the Bernie Sanders would win the **** I or is this still something that's up for grabs are you you for sorry I I with the disclaimer that you never know I would say it's probably looks like it's tenders to win or lose right now he seems to have a substantive lead the the one thing I would say the whole home here in Nevada is notoriously sketchy sometimes it's accurate sometimes it isn't they they just don't have another regular polling tend to be confident with the polls that we see but the polls right now show Bernie Sanders with a fairly comfortable lead Joe Biden and Elizabeth one coming in two three but there's a significant gap between one and two yes Steve how does this caucus worked on center maybe I'll bust in one of these things and see it first hand instead of enjoying myself in Las Vegas as highly doubt and how is it different from what happened in Iowa well hopefully it's different in the sense that we get the results on same day as the caucus yeah but beyond that if they're they're very similar in many many ways you you have the people come in you have to reach a certain threshold at these caucuses to allow your candidate to continue being viable if your candidate is impossible you are then solicited recruited by the other campaigns that are still viable and get an eventual results so the I'm you know the the surprise I guess to me and this may certainly change after this week as we get closer to South Carolina and then super Tuesday is that they're a couple of these candidates are hanging in there that are not pulling well Elizabeth Warren certainly comes to mind so maybe expectations tonight what what fascinates me is they're gonna go after Bloomberg but they're also going to go after Bernie tonight because he's the front runner yes but maybe not as much as you would expect I think if the focus continues to be on on Bloomberg that may be as Bernie Sanders make it a bit of a hassle he won't be attacked as much warmer the flood when he was the one who comes under attack but tonight it's gonna be the newcomer who comes under attack but you listen it's two hours there's plenty of time to collect your both numbered answer and just maybe they can divide the debate first I would you go after Bloomberg the second hour you could after Bernie Sanders well it well I just think it's going to be a little bit easier because the field has been slightly with down here just to hear the the perspectives from each of the candidates so that this is a real important debate it could be I mean listen I was with a number that I was with for the candidates yesterday they were in the number of places I was able to spend some time with them people like judge Joe Biden and even Bloomberg they're going to go after I would think Bernie Sanders on his social programs on the spending will they bring up the S. words socialist perhaps perhaps not maybe in the past you but they're gonna raise concerns like is your lucky ball of movies movies goals and he has which she very noble what we'd be realistic the last of the term realistic I think may come up but a bit in this debate tonight so I think Bernie Sanders there will be time to go after him the Bloomberg again he is the he's the one we're all looking at he's in the spotlight what will we do can you do what you know that's the big question is a newcomer can you do well in the debates yes and in the debate since two thousand finally ran for mayor for the third time and we'll see once distant issue with him since you haven't been able to pay these other candidates this is their non debate they're pretty used to it there's a reason they have spring spring training baseball you know Mike trout's a great player but he needs spring training to get into during form is Michael Bloomberg gonna be a debate forms that will see Saddam and I'm not gonna ask you to pick a winner tonight that would be improper as a journalist but I'm gonna ask you to pick between the bronze bomber and the gypsy king for Saturday night while can you do that you can S. is that who I don't even know if these are the guys at the I don't know why I don't know if your eye on that while there if that's what you said was right while there if you're not yet devised a Wilder and Tyson fury so I I just learned this because I Google it while there the bronze bomber fury the gypsy king yeah I'm gonna go with with Tyson fury mostly as have bass saying five Wilder is the champion WBC champion so this is a heavy weight championship fights and other it's not quite the flavors Mohammed Ali boxing but in on you take what you can get I might sneak into that on Saturday night we'll see thanks Steve I appreciate your time this afternoon so I say it yes blink one eighty two there it is it's back thank you Steve okay take care that's just a little.

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