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Your first audio book is free on audible dot com slash elvis the elvis duran phone tap all right. Let's get into the phone tap. Who has the phone tap old daniel. Welcome back with the phone so rachel has been getting food food stolen from the refrigerator at work. We've got to so many people so her husband was like you know what she's so. Mad about. This car has the food yes so. That's you're. You're you're. You're the food why would it the food thief. Call someone because it's a function movement yet. Talk to rachel please. Yeah i got your note. What is that you got my note yeah on the refrigerator. Stop eating my food and if you have a problem urban call this extension yeah hi yeah what what you deal. <hes> my deal is that you've been eating the food of mine that i have. My name came on in the refrigerator and i'd appreciate it if you would stop doing that. Why don't you get your situation this community refrigerator of hungary and your yogurts in there. I'm gonna eat it. What the hell are you talking about it. Maybe a community refrigerator but people put their food in there and they expect to be able to eat it later sweetie if hungry and it's lunchtime and i go to this community refrigerator and there's a turkey sandwich i brought that turkey sandwich which to eat later in the afternoon for themselves but either made it the night before and they expect to beat it when they get. I don't give it than by your own little mini orgin. Put it by your desk no ugo by your food..

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Rachel, Elvis Duran, Hungary discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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