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Melanie, how are you feeling today? Well, you know, everybody should have stayed a shock. I think I I've had my business in with P for thirty one years. I have a restaurant. Yeah. So it's it's a hard hit. Can you? Tell me a little bit about your restaurant. Yeah, it's independent, and I wanna crinkles restaurant and had for thirty one years. It's you know, I'm forty people. So there's a lot of mortgages there's lots of. Students paying their way through university people with kids single moms. I'm single mom. Putting my daughter to university. So yeah, I mean, it's we've been around for thirty one years and had to diversify over the years and seeing, you know, numerous recessions, I understand your is just up the street from the GM plant. It is. Yes. Yeah. And from Lear seating. So they provide all the seating Virginia. So what are you concerned about now? Obviously concerned for the families that are affected by all of this and what it'll do to the community, but it'll do to the small business people and big business people. Yeah. It's just such a trickle down effect. What are you hearing today from people in your community? Maybe from some of your customers. The end certainty, and how could they a lot of? Disdain in their voice regarding GM. You know, they were bailed out by the people by the government. We were kinda their plan B. And now, they they're not giving the community plan b can you explain to me what you mean by how you were kind of their plan b. Like when the government gave them a bail. I years ago, and it was in the tax payers essentially funded that now, I know they paid it back. So the government and the people whether plan B so now that they're doing this. They haven't come forward to all the people that have been working for them for years with the plan B. They're just pulling the plug and thinking, that's okay. And it's very destructive destructive to the families destructive to the community to all of us..

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