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That's not a tv show something's wrong with him innovate heed the fucking other shoe gonna drop and we found out that he's so much more like jack than we ever could could have thought like our this has been a front you know so i can understand not liking him um to a certain extent because i don't respect everyone um cata give him a chance quote unquote but uh at the same time i personally am kind of thankful that we're reaching why uh where they call it we're reaching um bed rock with kevin we're we're past the surface areas yet yeah all right um this one's colombia says begging for offering his platform for fans of this is us the blackout is and this too much to congregate i suggest ma sisters uh listen to last lease this too much podcast she enjoyed it thank you uh these last two episode a better insight into cake kevin their solo ever cells in the show's opening credits they still show the names are the actors that play selfie leici but i was pleased to see the other guest ours john lewis kathy moriarty and gary morris not to be confused with gary morgan the black inventor of the traffic light i can i can use it to at a black history bowl when i was in high school sounds like a traumatic memories duct at stuck would you gravel take needs a friend on the show and i think madison was a good choice that i am so thankful were madison because i was sick of cake a given as friend slash brothersister yeah it's another reason i need and conqueror yet anti will be given a custodial k deal without at myself okay uh the actress has plenty of fits in unwilling kc what do you think they will call their podcast a holiday debt.

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