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That. Then took over Gaza and immediately started shooting thousands and thousands of rockets on our civilian populations. The wasn't for the Iron Dome Systems at shoot the rockets out of the air we would have thousands of casualty literally just nonstop Rogers of a rockets and it really showed the Israeli people that it was a huge stake to put your hope into piece like just by running away that there needs to be peace through strength is Ronald Reagan would say that we need to find a way that we can have peace. But real peace not not just a document signed and this was a huge mistake and I think we learned our lesson on that when I hope so. Well. The one thing that Israel has done over the last forty years is continually give up land and the pursuit of peace. The Sinai Peninsula gave up many parts to as you mentioned, we'll gave up way too much sovereignty in the Golan Heights region and what people don't realize is the inequality that exists in the Middle East. There's only one Jewish state, but there's plenty of places for Arabs to go. Suppress and do all those things and what doesn't exist and what people don't realize. There's not a lot of democracy in the middle, East but there is an Israel three of all three. Abraham religions represented in the Knesset. Where you and I in the Supreme Court as well I believe. But the one, the one point that you guys have is we want to be a Jewish state. We want to be able to have a Jewish state. Why can you have an Arab state? We can have a Jewish state and with that you have freedom of religion and I tell Americans this and I want to film this next time I go because they don't believe it and I've actually never seen it actually captured I think well enough where I drive down to Hebron from Jerusalem go south and I I remember asking my very. Good friend a meet and Matan from in through. Tsu. They're great guys and I remember I think it was Matan that was driving and there was this big orange sign with the arrows and for an American you can't really comprehend this and I'm GonNa try to visualize this for my listeners and I turned to my I turn my friend. I say what happens if we go to this red Arrow to the right because it's all in? It's all either it was either in Arabic is in was in some other language I didn't understand and so he said Oh you die. Talking about you die. You don't understand that is either zone one or zone to of Palestinian. Authority control. He's like if you're I took a right turn right there, they'd cut our heads off and destroy our car. And I remember turning to. My is just that simple. You turn right and we're in civilized society now and uncivilized society there said, yes, it's at simplysafe. Arabs come here. You know we treat them. Well, we've probably given food and give them government benefits I said that's the most perfect picture I could possibly imagine I said the return right here they'll kill us. And if we stay on this path, we won't because we're in Israel can you talk about how that kind of double standard exists and yet the UN in the EU continually do their? Everyday. While here..

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