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Olympics the big story today apparently is the united states women's hockey team won the gold medal here believe in miracles candida so we bijur canada we work to give some context here the united states women's hockey team over the years since 1998 since 1998 when they be canada in the goldmedal final were all and five against canada including last week they lost the game last week it's lovely that the united states one i think canada was the legitimate favorite it came down to a shootout and this is bothersome to me and i you know i don't know how maybe this is generational what i like about the nhl is they don't have shootouts in the playoffs they don't the game can goal you know an infinite number of the single greatest thing about the nhs amazing i don't know why in the finals of the hockey you would go to a shootout that seems i'm not saying it's not exciting it's tremendously exciting i'm say halfway to a warning dr yet that what do you what do we think here i would i would defer to chris i i saw quite right yes to them obviously i'm familiar with ice i put it in my drink so i i mean i'm pretty much an expert on iraq's i know i think they should just keep playing i mean this is my same view of i'll turn it into a sport sport the world's most popular sport i'll add soccer which they they should not right your your american football they should not end it in penalty kicks they should contain and they do eventually yeah.

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