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A little bit of a Taylor. This is cut 12. A little bit now for some tough love on the subject. The reason there are so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African American family. He's got a point. In fact, He's got more than a point. Bill. Raised without much structure. Young black men often reject education and gravity of Greek culture, drugs, hustling gangs. Nobody forces them to do that again. It is a personal decision. He is right about that, too. Oh, summations. He doesn't go far enough. Because black people if you really want to fix the problem here is just five things that you should think about doing. Here's number five. Pull up your pants. Number four. Now is the n word. Now number three respect where you live. Start small by not loving way. Get a weekend of Cuban Twitter mob. This is this is why we might get in trouble for playing this. That is very controversial stuff right there. John Lamone, how far he's fallen. But now he's super super woke. He would never say anything like that. And now all he's talking about us. How all of us credulous boomer rubes are lying about the high crime rates in Democrat run cities, So everything has changed. I want to talk. Speaking of Cancel culture a little bit here, Howie. About Scrabble. Ah, string him out today that the Scrabble Association bans racial ethnic slurs from its official word list. They have never done this before. I do not believe And they said they got both sides of it. Some people were saying, if you start banning words that you can't serve banning words from Scrabble, a word for it is worth other people saying If you don't be in these words, I will never play school again Be two kinds of Scrabble tournaments, woke Scrabble and a Nwoko Scrabble. Has. The thing is that there's issues that you don't think people are going to get riled up about. People love their Scrabble. I'm personally a banana grams girl, but I could see why some people do enjoy it. It's a little bit. It's a little bit complicated for me. You know when the woke bridge tournaments from now on You know you're not going to get the bid. Parts or clubs or spades or a diamond. Watch it. Watch it with them. Aggressive language. You're going to get you only going to get to make one bid. In bridge from that wanted the woke tournaments. You know what the bit is No Trump no Trump and you'll get around a golf class around for all your bridge friends. A professor is doubling down on his prediction model of Trump's chances in 2020 Thiss Stony Brook professor. His name is Helmet North Path. He's doubling down that Trump will have a 91% chance of winning in November. He has predicted five out of the past six elections since 1996 correctly and every single election but to in the past 108 years. Oh, he's been around for a while, huh? He's but he's older than Joe Biden. Well, I don't know if he himself Maybe it's something they pass on from one another. But it was interesting to hear the two that he got wrong. The two elections, the model failed to predict where the 1960 election of JFK and the 2000 election of George W. Bush. I would not say that was stolen, but some people would. But how Here's an interesting part of this column, it says. The terrain of Presidential Kant contest is littered with nominees who saw poll lead in the spring turned to dust in the fall. The list is long and discouraging for early front Runners Caucus said that the last week he gave an interview. He's on this list it says Thomas Dewey in 1948 Richard Nixon in 1960 Jimmy Carter in 1980 Michael Dukakis in 1988 George H. W. Bush in 1992 and John Kerry in 2004 to site just the most spectacular cases. So I don't think it's his wrapped up as other people think it is. Oh, that's just my opinion, and I also wanted to read something else. Howie here quickly. I found this interesting article today. It said how the how the greatest generation begat the stupidest generation and lost America. So I did not realize how he that Obviously the greatest generation. They had to go through a lot more than the average generation. They had the Depression. They had a lot of wars, and then they spoil their Children. And then what this article points out is those Children became professors, and they taught the current generation. So when you see all these people screaming and throwing water bottles at police officers And burning statues of the Elks and Bernie statues of Melania Trump. It is a cause of These generational divides. Every generation had something and they tried to do the opposite. And this is what happens. Every generation in recent times has got a lot of splainin the dough Grace. Everybody except the only one is the greatest generation that gets the thumbs up, But they produced the boomers. I always thought the boomers weren't that bad. 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