Lions, Milwaukee, Clinton discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast


Like the crocodile team the lions fighting the water buffalo that was it yeah a big three way animals think up i have is yeah they like this thing and splashed into the war and then trying to eat in crocodile comes up out of the worst fighting over mental the parents come back and kick them it's like being an animal must be so tired you're always trying to either eat or not beating my dog the best thing that he would not out what the dogs pets have easy like the royal family of the animal basically on the laurie they did that was a time animals evolving stuff everything's finey in that was a time where the first animal was able to go and that was the most successful edible i think the war in that animal was a human it was us i think i have resentment of my dog yeah a situation that hasn't even come up yet a knife perfect if the dog which is a duck by the way the dog if someone goes oh we the dog's not well it needs twenty thousand pounds milwaukee's gonna look a man i'm gonna guy yes all right now yeah that's that's the ca change height it annoyed that that's going to happen cathedra dog at that point we can enough a one for like pounds you should look at the dog off to that point clinton has been fixed more obvious tunis and then look at gap where tv isn't like a big night.

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