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The economy stupid and they had signs up in his campaign that said that if the economy going really really well this fall do you really think that americans are going to go to the polls and say let's pull out the folks who made this happen who change the lawn taxes who've accomplish all these things and let's gridlock the the government uh so that the trump the president won't get anything done and the center won't get anything done secondly if they could get a solid majority in the house and vote for impeachment they would still face the prospect of a trial in the senate which i think there are almost guaranteed the lose so do i think they'll try to impeach him absolutely the democrats have been talk and impeachment since november ninth 2016 do i think they'll actually get it done no not not not in a non two million years how can it no i hope not everything's going great well and then it's a thing in g lounges to answered loan of the questions when things are going great do people go to the polls and make major changes in who's in charge now i would hope not flaw american history is replete with examples that you know you you tend said and now i will tell you this in the first off your election that most presidents face their party has a chance to lose and seats and we know that when bill clinton came in and ninety two that the republicans in '94 gained a lot of seat so there's some history there that might suggest that that could happen but i'm going to suggest to you that americans who went through eight years of barack obama where the gdp grew at two percent a year who've now seen the gear we just finished which was growing at greater than three and a half percent and i think the year we're in right now is going to grow closer to four percent almost double what the eight years of obama were like i don't the people who are in that kind of economy are going to say that they want to go and try something else i appreciate the call let's go to uh john in kansas a john welcomed the first amendment friday what's on your mind cohen about the.

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