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Sometimes people view those things is very kind of soft and points or soft ingredients to one success or businesses in alternate combination success. But, you know, they're the foundation in my opinion. You know, it really starts and stops with people, and it starts and stops with those folks being able to foster and build a winning culture that is going to be, you know, be one of perseverance as well as sustain. You didn't stay with the acquiring companies very long. It seemed was that ever something you considered staying with larger company or did you prefer life in a in a smaller one? Well, I mean, you know, the the track record speaks for itself in terms of my preference. But I did I did stay on for example at per close. The, you know, again had another opportunity work very closely with Dr Simpson and and got in on the ground floor, and we ended up having a very highly successful exit the abbot in I believe it was two thousand after really putting together a streak in a series of significant milestones and this down with Abbott in a great company, Greg culture, and in a sirloin state in touch with a host of folks up there in outer park, Illinois, but you know, went into business development and of within strategic business development had the opportunity to do a variety of things with in my career that it hadn't done, but at the end of the. The day. You know, really what I enjoy is kind of grassroots startup environment. Where you know, you're you're developing understanding the proverbial clinical unmet need. There's a host of in a virgin market opportunities out there still within cardiovascular medicine, and through the course of building in developing silver businesses that you outlined whether it be the I R heart tanker per close have been very fortunate to develop a network of of just really talented, incredibly passionate conditions as well as entrepreneurs and. Afforded me a very nice a.

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