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Trump is one f bomb i may stay with it like what are they doing and then he proceeds a drop another fbomb then they slowly fade out the volume the volume i mean what do they get along get out emotional right once he drops one f bomb another one's coming your way directly that on on a terrible job get out of there and pull the ripcord get out right the dump button honestly what do they do you're right you're right back to nevada yesterday that ties the second largest comeback in tournament history they faced loyola chicago now thursday in atlanta number five kentucky number nine k state also left in the south of wildcats ended you mbc's magic fifty forty three florida state ousting xavier number one of the west seventy five seventy musketeers led by twelve with ten forty two north carolina run over by texas a and m eighty six sixty five in syracuse stunned michigan state fifty five fifty three that damn orange zone defense tom is because we couldn't make your shot i thought we had some good shots was really disappointed would ensue very well from the free throw line sparty ms its final thirteen shots from the field eight of thirtyseven overall from downtown the blazers fought off the clippers in l a one twenty to one zero nine pushing their win streak to thirteen the pelicans tandel the shorthanded celtics one hundred eighty nine and james harden broke t wolves hearts in minnesota sixty seconds electrical on the game harden step back the way it is james harden his second three pointer of the game and it couldn't have come at a better time as the wolves call a time out with the rockets up nine has heard on rockettes radio harden had thirty four points and twelve assists in the one thousand nine one twenty final withdraw minnesota to eighth in the west tonight against the warriors not the night kawhi leonard in his quad returned to the.

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