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She tells you to you in how deeply through your nose and you have to ex how to there's no until there is absolutely no breath left in you and you do the numbers so you win how and you ex how and you do run and you do that until you can't breathe anymore and you do that for all ten numbers individually so in in health for one and xl even hill in xl for two and she does it with the bowels also eight iou and they all do different things to help you get into that state of creativity of calmness so just becoming present incur and being with yourself had that silver light around you to protect you i love that i think that somport and because so many people now think how did it it it seems so monumental like it's brain surgery or i need to go take this three thousand dollar meditation class now you really don't it's getting back to the basics simply breathing it really does center you yes and you know it's also helped with i have school llosa's mi my back cyber curvature in my spine super lack of a better is a better way to describe that but that's the easiest writer and is starting to reverse itself and my chiropractor has said he thinks he agrees that it's a combination of him plot plaudits but the breathing coach has been the newest thing and she's and since then is when the x rays were showing the reversal so he is saying when you when you bring in oxygen to your body things can heal themselves that is not delude delay right this is really scientific as well so there is more than just the mental state is the physical state of just taking so encourage everyone even if you start where i started with the three breaths.

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