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Now. Not at all Huey in saint louis. What's up man. Hey could what do you got for us. So i felt compelled to call on him and listen to this conversation. So i'm one hundred percent agreement crude and had to be fired but boomer. This is really more for you to hypocrisy with the nfl. They're still paying shawn watson. Despite the fact that he's been accused of assaulting twenty four women. Yeah higher snoop dogg and these other rappers to halftime shows. And i guarantee his lyrics or ten times worse than anything. Jon gruden putting those emails. So where does the nfl draw the line here. That's a good question you know. That's that's something. War a bigger discussion. That i can actually get myself into well as far as the shawn watson thing you know. Those were allegations right that that has not been seen all the way through yet. I mean there's there's a lot of people that want to make sure that you know someone with the due process and he has to be found guilty and imagine if you were accused somethin- an all of a sudden. You never got paid again. You don't want that either so that's a completely different thing. As far as entertainment goes. I mean there is a difference between someone performing halftime shown being a head coach of an nfl football team but the nfl is going to be pulled by certain things and you know taunting penalties on the field. There is something. There is a little bit of hypocrisy there but it is to me. You can't put john gruden's job in the nfl and what the halftime performers are being asked to do for twelve minutes in the same silo but you could definitely say that the nfl who was so scared for years scared. They were always a part of the abbey as broadcasting. That had janet jackson justin timberlake. I mean they. I dusted off every old. Rock guy boy may you. You're going to be reading a lot about this in the coming weeks. And you're gonna be reading about the dichotomy of one. Jon gruden in what's going on at halftime and that's going to be the argument. There's and there's going to be the hypocrisy on both sides going back and forth much like we see in the political arena day of the year. Now she's every time you turn on one channel or another. There's somebody fighting about the same thing but saying different things about the same thing. Sure hi. it's a least lunen host of pulling the thread. In this show. I chat with culture. Defining leaders thinkers and experts about this rare moment that we find ourselves in and how to think about our own lives and experiences within a larger social and spiritual contract. Listen and follow pulling the thread with me elise luna a podcast presentation of cadence. Thirteen now for free on odyssey. And wherever you get your podcasts. Hausky host of the lockdown. Today podcast trying to stay on top of every big story. Sports is a time job. I know because it is my full time job but it's not yours. That's why we have a network of local experts ready to give you the inside scoop on everything you truly need to know in the sports world and we do it every day to make sure you're always caught up on the latest and greatest in sports. Listen to the lockdown today. Podcast every day on the odyssey app. or wherever. You get podcasts right now. You're hearing all your favorite music on your favorite station but wait. There's more more songs from the artists. You look on exclusive stations by odyssey. Just open the odyssey app and click exclusive stations. Then genre to dive deeper into a station. Might be just music or maybe hosted by ed. Sheeran chris martin or one of your favorite. Dj's across alternative pop country. Soft rock. Latin are mp kids and even more jet more with exclusive stations by odyssey brought to you by macy's gyco and coke zero sugar morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo jerry recco back. He's got another update forest. Good morning. Jerry is good morning powered by super bowl now with better odds and favourable prices and the story. This morning is obviously jon. Gruden resigning you guys have talked about it. At length the last segment was pretty much about it. So i will continue onto the monday night. Football game where the ravens were down to the colts. Twenty two to three in the third quarter and the ravens would come back. The cult had a chance to win at the end of regulation and didn't the snap put down right. Footed kick his up in good goody left no good on the clock overtime in baltimore. This crowded priest. Kevin harlan watson and rightly so from twenty two to three down to even twenty five in a matter of basically seventeen minutes because they were down that score with the two and a half to go in the third quarter or so but it was lamar jackson that guided his team on this comeback. He was throwing touchdown passes to mark andrews and then in the overtime the game would have markey's brown and they want winning thirty one twenty five. Is they go to four. And one on the season. Now at the end of that clip from kevin harlan. He talks about the the fans. Going crazy we'll hear. Was john hardball with much appreciation for that crowd. Just off the charts are fans. Were incredible and they stuck with us. You know it was frustrating game and our fans stuck with us throughout the course of the game. And that really. That's a big deal to players coaches. I promise you really gives gives you a lot of energy really helping. Lamar jackson had a lot of energy. He was barely missed. He was thirty seven of forty three. Four hundred forty two yards passing three touchdowns no picks sixty two yards rushing. That's what you call having yourself a nice now. We played the field goal. There was also a blocked field goal in the mix as well that probably would have sealed it for indie. Jackson says they were discussing that blocked field goal possibility on the sidewalk. They visit they bought. You'll have a chance to score down by eight. They end up blocking here. We got we need it. You know that was part. I'm sorry jerry knows. Say they got the two touchdowns they also got the two point conversions while time right in that second two point conversion tomorrow andrews was amazing. A how he caught that ball and was able to stay with. It was was terrific terrific catch on his part as good. Throw by lamar but it was not. It wasn't wide open. I mean he had a guy right on his back in ball was back shoulder and somehow he held onto it but klaas campbell. I feel like has been the leaf twenty-five years every turn on a game. There's klaas camp right in the middle of everything. And he comes up with a huge. I mean a huge block and he's six foot eight and somehow as they were saying last broadcast he got skinny. Alley carson wentz. He played really well too in the loss. He four hundred two yards passing couple of touchdowns. No pigs lose a fumble here. He was there one in four not good. We got to be able to finish games when put teams away when we got him on the ropes. Like that and that's a good football on the hostile environment for us to come out swinging the way we did. We just can't let up. We can't let up and we got to finish games better which they have not done at the season which is why they are now. Three games under five hundred through the i five Meantime giants receiver canarias. Tony did meet the media yesterday. I don't know if this was zoom call or what but He was talking about the punchy through in dallas on sunday and essentially says my bad. Everybody makes mistakes and stuff like that but at the end of the day you know we always have to be account. Most of the novel no is also and he said that was not the right way to defend the player. He knows that now and essentially said it won't happen again. Lorenzo carter who had the interception in dallas on sunday off dak prescott sees his team and where they are now at one in four says no quickness put in a lot of work in way too much. But that's not going to keep working rookie coming out fighting. Just don't know who's going to be coming out on sunday when they play the rams because of all the injuries that they have sustained meantime jets head coach. Rob sala checking out the film. They have a bi week. Do the jets before they play the patriots next week. So he was looking at. Zach wilson. Obviously the kid has struggled for much of the time. The second half consistency was.

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