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And then taking the car and Lena story is we get a really cool. The speech Getting on the plane where she says no I let her in. She lives me this whole time and while Lena saying this car is in the background warning to tell you that she supergirl and it's just a really strong character moment and then car decides not to. This was her chance to take to in a way. This was her chance to take the power and the Lena I'm super girl but she doesn't. Yeah Okay and that's going to be. I think you know it's GonNa play back in you know. My guess is that leader's GonNa find out cards and I have to tell her This you know this season I think. Lena will Vetoed food. They're going to have that kind of the fallout or not fall out. But this kind of discussions talk about leasing coming out and having reconcile themselves to each other other before the end of the season or just come out and that'll be a threat for nick. I don't I don't think we're at a point. Now where it's time leading US Yeah definitely about time. That Lena knows It's it's been a few years now surprise with you. Know How smart marshy is that. She hasn't figured it out yet especially the things that Kara and Alex have. Let Slip Around Lena. And the the the Abilities that car has you know portrayed tried to portray in secret while in Lena's presence like Rush Lake. She seemed oblivious because she wants to be oblivious to it one thing we Kinda skip was I forget was at the beginning They're having in trouble with the plane. It's automated point. There's no pilot and Alex Hernandez leaving I can sixty and she goes to try to fly. That wasn't this wasn't it. Yeah yeah the plane is struck by Purple Lightning purple lightning flying all way around while they bring up a back to mention that lightning is in purple. That light purple lightning is shooting around strikes the plane and the plane goes dead plane crashing end. Lena's she can fix it and she's soon and try and fly it she can train and land it and the car zooms out of supergirl hopes for landed in a way that doesn't discredit creditably. Now and then zooms back in his car Acts like unconscious. Christopher Reeve even the alleyway that will love to just because I love that she did like oh all of a sudden L. Super Girls. Here that's nice weird and everything. Yeah so that was. That was smart her part. But Yeah Lena Moment of knows the something about I feel for Wednesday happened. Yeah and UM on wall as they're here in the base and they they set the the base to self destruct. They're they are trying to find an exit and Lena goes the wrong way to a dead end in car goes away. That seems that it's going to have an exit. The she comes across red daughter cell. And there's Pictures of Kara and Lena in Alex Wchs all over the south next to pictures of supergirl in car. I would have been a good time. Not have been a good time for her to kind of say. Hey this is what's going on like already know about red daughter. They know about you know it would. It would have been a good time for her. Kinda give her the like this is what's going on I am Kerr. I am supergirl You know we know about red daughter. We know that she's working with Lex like and then show her like yeah like he's he's planning some stuff because he's trying to. He's trying to sneak her in as supergirl as red dot and has Kara. This as you know could come up with some sort of plan when supergirl girls. I've is not wearing farm. I think it's really easy thing to start the wait a minute and and so it's very French. Superhero Sleet Sir Sir. The episode where she wears the cloak. She covers her super girls involves. She's not as large this larger than life character. But she's still just doesn't have the plastic on. Looks like that point unless unless they go on with the troop losses hypnotize you. You're all right so let's talk about this end..

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