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To dig in the bag here. Not really much to pick it. We had a good life long drive last time. Off its looks a little bit of secret, now a little bit out of sorts 100 bonds this way way McCoy and ST Brown, the other Slovis sacked. They got him in the three and they won't let him get away any further than that. He's been brought down a couple of times so far in this game, and the Trojans will once again have to punt from their own end zone and Trojan offense. This Dr. Looking for Yeah. Just no one opened on that one of my kids looking to the left trying to find someone Pop open, drink blood. And look, maybe had space doesn't see him And he takes the sac on that one. So just too much toxin in the pocket. Get Happens, Life back and hold upon days got to pull the trigger on somewhere and that they're gonna die waiting at his own 49 greatness for the Trojans gets it away under heavy pressure might have been tipped. It takes an SC bounce to the 40 on the 41 is as far as it's going to go in. The Ducks have great field position again. They got a piece of that one. Greenfield might have got it. Was backed up. Griffis was all the way to the back of his own end zone. I just didn't have the time. Get rid of it, and he was lucky that one blocked out of the back of the end zone for a safety. Had a tux brought heat on that one on the punt. Sometimes you choose to return it there. The Ducks brings him heat. JJ Greenfield gets back there and is able to get his fingertips on it. Lucky enough, that Bank of it still gets it off. It gets kind of punches through his hands. So the church is kind of fortunate on that tip. But there and yet Oregon with another short field, their third they've scored on each of the first to this one. First intended the S C 41. Role. Di was emotion. Man catches out of the backfield sliding across the 35 down close near the 30 and he's got a first down 11 yard game. They've got to watch those backs coming out of the backfield. That's their bread and butter on this team and a good job blocking by their wide receivers, about three guys down the field on the left side, holding their blocks creates and ready for the Ducks. Intended the Trojan 30 Yard line and S C in danger of giving up that touchdown that they got back to get back in the game, and I don't want to go down to touch down to these guys. Too many times you run out of time. It's only the second quarter so far out of the pistol. I will get the handoff Die ducks, his head. Little guy 5 ft. 10 looks for a hole. There isn't much there, but he'll manage toe Waddle his way forward to about 27 for a three yard game. About their field goal kicking Well, they've had problems issue. Their original guy went one for four. So they traded Henry Catelyn, and he's gone two for two. But as long as 33 yards Yeah, special team has been working progress for the Ducks and far so if the judge and get into such situations, the Germans have been successful sports teams to the area that that could be a match. The churches with their special teams. Coach Bobby Williams was with Crystal ball, their head coach in Alabama for a bunch of years, die in motion into the backfield and comes out into the pattern throw over the middle. It's complete to the 20 down inside the 2016 yard line. Michael Pittman. And the first down for Oregon looks much easier for Oregon on offense that it does for USC. Yeah, have some rhythm there. Tyler check is running it Well, he's managing it. Well, the nice to do a time. Just find the guy delivered under some pressure there. Made the right correction in to pick up the first down to keep the change moving. 1st 10 at the 16 Trojans Need a break. Make something happen. Can they? Will they pistol again? Cyrus Habibi. Leaky O is the one back. Hold everything time out taken by the ducks. So with nine minutes 51 seconds left in the half, we'll take a break. Oregon Readyto take it in again to go up by two scores, but they haven't yet It's Oregon 14, USC seven on the Trojan football media network houses outside Billings Gonna catch him. He's in the town. He's in the five touchdown. Oh, man throws downfield. The ball is tipped into something. He's gonna store. He's scrambling Man open in the end zone..

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