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Divya Arya reporting. It's striking Baja dot listening to that. I suppose it makes you realize that it will be sometime won't it may be years before we realize The impact that the pandemic has had on Children's education. Absolutely Julian. There is, of course, the lens of privilege. When you hear such stories, I have two young Children and I'm reminded daily that of course, it's a privilege for them to be doing online classes. I think what strikes me about that story is not just you know the fact that look, kids can't go to school or those who don't have access to the Internet. But also schools used to be the source of food, midday meals. That's gone. There's also the issue of hunger, so I think it's not just about school and education, but mental health and food and for a lot of work Children across my country. Um it as I said, it is related to the well being and mark. That's true The world over, isn't it that this pandemic, The more we learn about it, it has inevitably hit the poorest. Hardest. Absolutely, And it's not obviously just in areas like education and access to food, but also in things like vaccines, where you see this terrible inequity in the distribution of vaccines with a glut of vaccines in some rich countries. And then an utter lack of them and others. And we know from recent history that an unvaccinated population is susceptible to continuing waves of infection, and that's really the only exit that we have now from this entire pandemic. It's just gone. 25 minutes past the hour. Let's catch up with the world of sport, which I tried to do a little prematurely a few moments ago, but I know Andy Barr will. As we should have told me, Julian older than here. I would have given you a nudge if I could have reached anyway. Indeed. Now tell us tell us all about Novak Djokovic and what's been happening in the U. S Open. Well. Djokovic has made it through to the men's singles final at Flushing Meadows. He got there a winner in five sets over the new Olympic champion. Alex Save Earth goes down the line with force and yet Shaka bitch makes it through to the final. And then yeah, but never. Djokovic will take on the second seed in the competitions of the seating has worked out at the US Open. In the men's competition, Daniel Medvedev will be his opponent. Now. If Djokovic the world number one wins, that it will hold all four Grand Slam titles this year, a calendar grand slam that's called the last one to do that was Rod Laver back in the late 19 sixties. And Djokovic as well. Julian would also make it 21 Grand Slam titles in all, and that means that it would pass Roger Federer and also reference adult so the pressure is really on a great deal of interest. In the women's singles final later today. Yes, there is just getting very exciting in the UK, isn't it? It's the first time at two unseeded players have met for any Grand Slam title. Both teenagers and they swear in singles title have made it through to the championships. Uh, the Canadian Layla Fernandez and the British player Emma Kanu, now radical in nine matches already to get to this stage, she's coming through qualifying as well. Now the last British winner of the women's singles at the US Open Was also back in the 19 sixties. 1968 Virginia wait that long ago now to the English Premier League back in action today, obviously after the international break And a familiar name is back as well. Old Trafford shirt sales must have rocketed. I'm guessing in the last couple of weeks. Yes, I think they've ordered lots of number seven's and the letters to put Ronaldo on the back of those shirts. There really is a lot of excitement not only in Manchester United, but throughout the English Premier League in general to have Cristiano Ronaldo back manager or an assault shot as promised that the 36 year old Portuguese star first signed for the old traffic club 18 years ago. Renaldo will play at some point today's match at home to Newcastle United set out at Old Trafford. And it seems, according to soldier that renowned has already had a major impact at the club. We're all here to win. It's not about whoever egos scoring goals meanie me. No, I've seen a group that's Note that we have to do this together. I've seen Christiano coming in. He doesn't want any special treatment. He wants to be part of the team, but we know we still work in progress. But Christiana comment, of course, that gives us another edge with some fascinating other Premier League games today, Julie and I'm sure very interested in uh, that spurs of the only team with a perfect record. I was aware of that there were Crystal Palace Manchester City's champions, Go to Leicester. And a team between two of the pointless sites in the division, Arsenal and Norwich City. Asked about making art to insist that he is pursuing a medium and long term project at.

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