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Peter King, Soccer, Mls Players Association discussed on Chad Benson


I'm Peter king like other leagues Major League Soccer has been shut down since March with the MLS Players Association says it's ratified a collective bargaining agreement which includes plans to resume its current season the league has been negotiating salary cuts for players since they will be playing a full season there's also been talk about MLS resuming its season at Walt Disney world's wide world of sports venue which has plenty of soccer fields in hotel space for teams of official has been announced on that front Peter king CBS news Orlando a small Tennessee county is once again leading in the nation's leading the nation in corona virus cases per capita after an outbreak at a state prison Lake County is reported three hundred sixty new cases over the past seven days health department spokesperson says the high case count is attributable to an outbreak at the northwest correctional complex two hundred thirty inmates positive for the virus neck Piper CBS news I'm John Barr and his the latest conditions from the Findlay Toyota traffic center John thanks it's a pretty quiet start to the Tuesday afternoon drive overall rex on the Tropicana on ram fifteen north found fifty north on a flamingo and in the boulder.

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