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Tiger is number one on this list wow i don't know twenty sit we'll be twenty six but another local guy joey bosa joey bosa is on the list joe joey bosa guy be like four three four two la represent here's the list for prescott gonna be twenty five this year that's brandin cooks on the list guess where he's on the list ten lower house e i'm gonna say nineteen raj i'm twenty five and a half eleven wow so here's the sakiz right he's the closest why'd you him he got closer so far off on the first one he did the only far off because of the number of being the first quarterback was not for so number one is girly number two is bozo number three's alvin kamara number four is marshon lattimore number five is jalen ramsey number six is ezekiel elliott kareem hunt is at seven mike evans at number eight landon collins at number nine to repeal at number ten brandin cooks i mentioned eleven kevin is buyer the safety from the titans the yard yes okay kevin b stefan digs at thirteen dion jones linebacker from the falcons saints offensive tank tackle excuse me ryan ramczyk forty niners defensive tackle deforest buckner d six chargers tight end and hunter henry at number seventeen who hunter henry the title he's good he's good charger yeah myles garrett at eighteen jahic engulf kway from the jaguars titans jared goff twenty times he's taco jack conklin.

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