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We're sick of tire to to manage community. So we won't like Eka. Yes. Now, we won't like manage control plano demoss ter- in. I think people are still not yet that excited about the continuing instances in the service containers because right now a lot of people are in the exploration mode. So they won a load of control. So they wanted employ wanna see what happened in. I think that the we're gonna see Creedy pretty soon how the extent excitement is going to sharply increase around. This. We already seeing it Marcus tumors went when we peach damage. Until them busiest what ocean ause, I see the moment. I see like how people like their eyes are shining using. Oh, are you serious? Can you really deliver that if if? Yes, that's that's like the holy grail. We just deployed containers in the infrastructure of self manages itself. And I think we're hitting that sweet spot right now to what's the contrast between the experience of somebody who distributes their micro services application across a self managed Kuban Attis cluster versus distributing their micro services across container instances, whether they're container instances are on far gate or on ACI Iran spot inst- ocean. The is there something you get out of distributing it across a coober Netease cluster. You're managing yourself. Of course, is is is just like a really something very manual versus something so automatic. So even think about it. If you run your containers on on a static infrastructure. So you're probably paying anywhere from like thirty to forty percent more on the the underlying compute because gotta static. Maybe it will scale up and down from time to time, but it will not fifty two of to the actual location need, you know, that's the that's easiest part and the war..

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