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Your back. It will be Nile McCabe to take this one. 40 yards from goal. We'll take his Sweet time. He's going to try to clip this one just over Sends it towards goal. Abe Rodriguez sees it the whole way grabs it and throws it to Sebastian Anderson. In one motion. Anderson taps it up here to Andre Lewis Lewis over to Haji Berry out ran the ball goes back to get it. Allows Louisville to get back in position defensively buried to the near side. Finds Michi Galina. Lean into the middle of field for Haji Barry. Very to the near side for Sebastian Andersson, Andersson overlapping run to bury Cut off by Louisville Louisville trying to played out of their own end. They have it on the near side. Gomez up the near sideline plays this one forward on his horses. Gomez. Excuse me. That's Gonzalez Gomez passed it to him. I'm a player behind and good strip, thereby Yaya Toure, eight. Here come the switchbacks again. Yaya Toure aid to the near side from itchy. Galina Galina has Tory in front of them plays it to the middle for Haji Berry Berry strikes that one too high. That was okay, coming up perfect opportunities We tick toward here four minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time indicated by the fourth official, Haji Berry. Just couldn't keep that one down. But another breathtaking lightning fast counter attack from the switchbacks all started by the good defensive work. Push back again, their substitutes involvement just pouring forward. Four minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time. So there is time for the switch packs. They drew level moments ago and now a foul is going to go against Jimmy Oxford in Oxford, saying that Jorge Gonzales is just as guilty. And now, Brandon Birds going to go over the get a yellow card issued to him. Brandon Burke is.

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