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Album Joshua tree your bathing culture with Adlai Tory M. recent guests in our KCRW studios live session which you can revisit anytime at KCRW dot com and the new single from the new pornographers to begin the show today falling down the stairs of your smile still to come we have music new from Rafael city the song from elbow to share with you also leaders from angel Olsen mac demarco and the electric gas so a few tickets for you chance to see Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros with Alton tune in phosphorescence live at the Greek also tickets coming up for better oblivion community center at the Wiltern hand the chance to win a box at the bowl for America in space a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo eleven moon landing at the bowl KCRW sponsors include cases Amazon prime video the presenting the Amazon original series the marvelous Mrs Maisel from creator Amy Sherman Palladino now nominated for twenty and including outstanding comedy series and directing episodes available consider Amazon dot com support comes from Los Angeles Chinatown presenting Chinatown summer night Saturday August tenth in central plaza west plaza and Mandarin plaza explore Chinatowns restaurants bars and unique merchants in galleries dance to case here W. DJs role compost and met you strive and check out bands on the LA weekly stage food drinks arts and crafts and more sample what all of China town has to offer visit at LA Chinatown Chinatown summer night dot com well don't like summer slip by without visiting our events in Chinatown so the next one and the last one for the summer season is this Saturday night details go to KCRW dot com slash summer nights Monday on press play loyal law school professor Jessica Levinson is an expert on the constitution the first amendment protects your right to speak but also protects your right not to speak every Monday she's here to break down the legal stories dominating the news there's a reason that none of us and talked about the but you can't indict a president clause of the constitution I'm Madeline brand our.

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