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Vendors admission is free your best at marina village out harbor in Alameda October twelfth through the fourteenth. The morning show continues now with Brian Sussman. So McConnell, McConnell out farm. He's he's the head of the Senate. He's filed a motion to end debate on cabinet start the process for confirmation, but they're moving forward. If they're successful with this Kavanagh's on the supreme court, Monday morning. And there will be oh the left they're already. They're already had raged. But they're just going to go absolutely off McConnell. I did not know this about him. It's interesting. How? Citrus. You know, you see these people on TV. The senators these representatives, you don't really know how big they are or how little they are. Right there. You see him on TV? We seem at pictures. We know context. So McConnell has been he's getting severely hassled where he goes out in public. I mean, just it's it's like one inch away from assault. And it's the same thing with a lot of these Republicans. They're having to go out with armed guards now, and but after Maxine Waters called on the attack of basically everybody on the right, you that's it. That's it. She literally in fact, Sherry dig through our archives. Find Maxine Waters the crazy congresswoman from southern California. Just get in there. Pay says. Yeah, I mean, she she is she's the one who put out the call to action with this violence. So you get a congresswoman putting out the call people say, well, okay. She said, yeah. So anyway, I think he was I believe it was at an airport earlier this week. But you know, he's the Senator from Kentucky's an old guy and. He was being just it was like what inch away from an assault. But in the article, they were saying, you know, how it's just amazing. How dare they pick on a handicapped, man? And I'm thinking, what's his handicap? I I didn't know he had polio. Really? Yeah. He he has a severe. The severe limp that goes along. Absolutely. And I I'm guessing they're probably times that he given his age that he has to use a wheelchair. Well, I mean virtually at an airport. Yeah. My my mom is a polio survivors will have to look into what kind he had? But I know that it's it if he has a similar similar case, the older, you get you know, if tax your legs walking, obviously gets really difficult, and then there is something called post polio syndrome where it can come back and hit again. So that's what they're doing to their head heady capture disabled. So we'll keep you posted on this. But again, the White House has received the FBI report senators and now looking at as we speak. This is Diane. I the first hour went to McConnell second hour goes to die fi. Then they line up, and they can see it. It's all top secret. I think first hour was Grassley Grassley. I'm sorry. Yes. Check wrestling from the judiciary committee, then it salient Feinstein, and then they all start rolling through it. The left is enraged absolutely rates because it comes. I mean, obviously, we knew there would be nothing there there. There's nothing there there. But there's a whole lot of anger on the left the whole lot of anger on the left. You know? I didn't see the right taking to the streets and throwing these fits when better Ginsburg was confirmed. Now, you didn't hear about that? Did you Elena Kagan? I mean, these were to avowed liberals, and I just maybe I missed that news story. You never really see the right taking to the streets in any violent manner ever. Because one generally speaking were employed, we have jobs were responsible. We were not paid. We're not paid to play. So many of these protesters are. Yeah. The other part of it is a person of that mindset, probably says, well, you know, someday, we might get our shot elections matter. So we get our guy into office. You know, maybe then we can make some things happen. And that's the way it's supposed to work in a Representative Republic. It's not mob rule the way these people want to rule it. Okay. So now, we go to the Nevada county police blotter just briefly because I'm I I was literally laughing they were they were notice me. What's the smile on his face? Now, he's laughing are loud. He's not telling us what's going on. It's the police blotter. Vata county grass valley police department. So this is eight thirty three Monday, a caller from a business on the one hundred block of south Auburn street reported transients sleeping in the back. Lot at night at pooping. Geez. People are pooping more than ever school is let the diet. I'm getting these reports approving more than ever what happened here. Fiber could be more fiber. In the junk food is are these environmentalists that are trying to like fertilize the world something is happening here. But look at there's kind of a about a bang bang. Boom. I'm noticing a connection here. So we go from the transients sleeping in the back. Lot at night pooping to caller from the one hundred block of Neil street reporting a man urinating in the parking lot. So you go from pooping to peeing, but that's another one hundred block of Neil street. Now, there's also a caller from the one hundred block of Neil street reporting a man, stole a bag of hostess doughnuts. I'm just wondering. If there's a connection with all this. Maybe it's the hostess doughnuts causing this guy to lose it. A both ends. I bet you're right. It's all tied together. A donuts or laced with something that's making everyone poop and pee ex lax doughnut. That's it a woman from rattlesnake road. We'd love the names of these streets and roads, if they're Nevada county woman from rattlesnake road reported a neighbor. Blew off her roof with a leaf blower and in the process, hit her with a bunch of rocks and dirt. Okay. So she was attacked by leaf blower. All right. Well, we obviously need leaf blower control. The one that was Larry. Yes yesterday. We couldn't make this one out to save our life. And then we had a caller check in and told us what the deal was let me see if I could find this this. This was hilarious. It was one of these moments where this guy said is about the tin, man. Oh, oh, yeah. The tin, man. He was caller from Wyoming road at factory street reported a man, quote, just past the ten people from the wizard of Oz. With awful liberal signs. And we thought what in the heck at a so a guy called us up from up that way said no, no, no, no, no. There's this guy. That's got all these were they were like statues. I guess he made a bunch of ten men on his front lawn metal sculptures of culture. And they're actually they're well known up there. Because when I looked it up there were a bunch of pictures that people had taken, and there was even this is how I love Nevada county so much this was there was even a news story done in front of the house where you could see the two men in the backyard or in the back in the back shot. Yeah. Channel ten come out there from Sacramento there you go. Yeah. Channel ten a thanks for coming. Jen story. Big story down the street. Here's a crazy story. This was a United flight from Los Angeles. So a United Airlines flight from LA. Lead-safe in Sydney. After the pilot ward. So it landed in Sydney today Thursday. After the pilot warned the plane was running low on fuel. Geez. Broken. Or kinda wondering it's a big Bowen's Bowie. Seven eighty seven. Maybe it's like what's happening with a lot of the cars on the road that run out of gas. That didn't come with a gauge maybe that happened to the plane. That's that's our suspicion. We have. So every day there's another car somewhere the bay area. That makes katie's traffic report in the morning that is right outta gas, which we're thinking, okay. Clearly, they just didn't select that option where they've bought it. Right. That wasn't part of the standard package. So city emergency services radio that the airliner it's a big Boeing seven hundred eighty seven had fuel issues and issued a mayday. Oh, geez. Gosh. Boy. Yikes. Not like there's somewhere along the way you can land. Right. It's not like you can just pull off the freeway. Here's the deal. I was wondering about this. And I'll I'll tell you the rest of the story stronger headwinds. Oh, okay. So now, I'm going to give you my story. Okay. When I was in what I was going to college for the second degree. This is meteorologist at San Jose State. I had this brilliant. Professor this guy was so cool. Dr sid Sarony good name. And the doctor said was. We we became really good friends. And he was one of the guys who literally discovered the jet stream. And you're thinking was discovered. The gesture what do you mean? Have gesture is better off forever. No, no, no, no. Prior to World War Two. You know, we just there was a theory that there with these big rivers of wind in the upper atmosphere that probably drove the weather patterns, but that had not been conclusively prove it, it was all just theoretical. And so during World War Two he's a forecaster for for our military, and he said they kept having planes fly from the west from the east towards the west across the Pacific. And these guys would be reporting headwinds of sometimes two and three hundred miles an hour and said said at first everybody just said, no, you're you're your wind gauge has got to be broken. But these guys would lose massive amounts of fuel and they pitch into the drink. And that would be it. We lost pilots because they read at a fuel because of these headwinds which no one had ever heard of before. And so it was at that point in time that said and other meteorologists were able to realize wait a second. There is this massive river of air driving weather patterns, and they called it. The jet stream. It was all discovered World War Two because pilots losing fuel on the way to their missions and pitching into the drink. And oftentimes the pilots perishing in the process. That's amazing. Dr sid celebrity on Afo sixteen past Sixers. Ratty? Let's take a look at those roadways. We have a slowdown spa. The traffic.

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