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Had a masters and I was trying to figure grab nextstep semi professional path in a friend of mine convinced me that scholarship matters if you're doing contemporary stop. Now I'm not getting into the validity of that but I do think for me. I can only do scholarship. That's related to what's going on right now that's just how design the teller oriented towards these things and the Israeli Palestinian conflict is not some yes it is taking place on the other side of the world and yes. The most people don't spend years living living over there. Endorse studying the conflict as I have in as mere has by there real people who are in this conflict end. This conflict is one of the most polarizing conflicts on American campuses. And why that is is a whole other probably podcast but it matters not just in Israel zero Palestine for the people who are living. This conflict matters for people who exist on college campuses because it's tied into their identities. It's tied into their their feelings of their safety on their campus. It's tied into so many pieces and part of the intersection out of this whole entity of Israel and Palestine. It is really like a spiderweb in it's connected to so many different things going on so given that and given that the Israeli president concert what is being taught on campuses are book is an attempt to add. Voices two classrooms that perhaps word present prior not particularly that because we want students necessarily think. ABC Or D.. But because we want them to think about ABC indeed and how does that relate to their understanding of Israel Palestine in there now does that relate to their understanding of the United States or Canada or wherever else. Because that's the world we live even today where these things are connected to another even if they're literally or metaphorically on the other side of the plan I feel like the through line throughout this whole conversation has been about helping to engender thoughtful discussion on the university campus by creating a text that students can read. The professors can use when when teaching when thinking about these issues because social justice in Israel Palestine are thing that is already taking place on the college campus. I think we can have kind of sanity. Check here and say say to what extent do discussions on college campuses matter. I know from personal experience in going back for for years and years and years people are always talking talking about what people are saying on college. Campuses like this is the end of the world or they're always talking about what people are talking about college campuses like this is the most important thing in the entire universe and it's easy I think for us as does professors who have sequestered ourselves to the college campus for years and decades to say okay. Yes what is happening. Here is the most important. This is our lives right but in the grand scheme of things competitions which are taking place all over the place and not just at the university campus level. So we're talking about all of this and the discussion about Israel and Palestine nine. Why do you think that the debates that take place at the university level here talking just about the professors and discussions but the overarching discussions and debates? You know when the Student Union is pushing forward on proposing to have obedience resolution or anything else. Why do we think that the university campuses debates about Israel and Palestine and social justice matter particularly as opposed to other places where this debate taking place debates on university? Campuses are really only one element of where these debates h show up in. Our book is equally applicable to trade union debate or Canada's recent about face in voting in the UN or mark trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem so there are debates taking place in a quarter of power there debates taking place triples. Workplaces added their debates taking place plays on campuses and there are debates taking place on the streets of Israel in the streets of Palestine so this book is a way of capturing the debates that are taking place in real about real people's lives back say that United States in Canada have disproportionate influence on the rest of the planet especially in terms of monetary unitary influenced the United States has a ridiculously disproportionate influence. So I think for pound if one wants to changed the world for the better vis-a-vis education I think one can have more influence on the world if they're working on a campus in a country that has disproportionate power great. Thank you guys so much for this really interesting conversation. Thank you Jason. Thank you for -tunities. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you like it. I hope you'll subscribe to the podcast which you can find on apple podcasts. Google play spotify. I or wherever else you listen until next time I'm Jason. Let's dig and thanks for listening to Jewish history matters..

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