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Okay. So now so previously you were knighted. And that's when you became, sir. Martin REEs, right? Yes. And you actually stand there in front of the Queen. But she holds his sword. Wish. She could tap your shoulder or cut your head off. That she did the full my. Upgrade to the house of long. Okay. Okay. So so once your knighted, then you are, sir. Yes. Yes. Okay. Now in the old days that was became hereditary. Right. Is that not true anymore? That's not true. Baronet registry. Yeah. Okay. Were hereditary and then not anymore. Okay. So earnest, well, in some sense, you have to you. If you look at most of them, they haven't really. Smack so being into hustle is a privilege, but nothing. Oh, interesting. I thought about separating those two, and so don't you have to have some plot of land that you govern? You don't really I mean, you have to designate sort of area, and I picked Ludlow which is the hometown in the west of ignorant. I grew up. Okay. So you Lord of that patch of land. Yeah. But they did recognize me. Can you just knock in tiny? No, no, no. No. No. So when I'm hungry. Do you have to have a name of a place associated with you? For not Susan Ireland's. To see Lord of Ludlow. Yes. Okay. Very cool. I like the liberation there. This is not your. Own nice. Lord of Leto, not a letter..

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