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To newsmakers and give you our take on the latest news in Washington again this shows our house politics find out apple podcast modify or whatever you get your podcast just search our house politics and subscribe today guard for sex defends in line we are the Coast Guard foundation and we support our United States Coast Guard we provide scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality we provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health when the unthinkable happens we're they're providing relief to families of the fallen go to Coast Guard foundation dot org to help support Coast Guard members and their families spending time in nature improve kids confident and other important skill need to rock helps families get out into nature by showing you places to go and what to do in your area to get kids outside in really having fun with nature you can search activities by a even weather conditions playing in nature is good for the whole family so visit me check out or for helpful tips and resources and then get outside first from Boston to every corner six for more than a decade there TV news covering and when jobs are on the line the charge Americans are now watching thank you news tonight he reports to perspective from ABC news I'm sherry Preston personal chan is one of the world's most prominent philanthropic leaders she is striving to make her mark in the field of medicine and science some of those initiatives this week good morning America with ABC's robin Roberts she is fast becoming one of the most prominent philanthropic leaders of her generation Dr Priscilla chanted up and coming game changer in the fields.

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