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And where can they sign up for the next ones? Okay, They could go to Stein way silo hill dot org's and they can sign up. People are already signing up for the spring concert. They confined about find out about our mission. They can find out all about the different details of the concert experience. They can also make donations online because justice mentioned we've had we had to put sonar Spring concerts in 2020 and these fall concert. So along with our mission of reinventing the classical music experience we have actually adore miss in which we haven't gotten into yet, but that is, um, raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's research and support services. And so right now, we're not. You know, we're not able Tonto, you know Lisa ticket sales. Raise money for that cause, but fortunately we do have people as you mentioned right now. Drew it now is the time when people can give, um and it's very much appreciated because of coded Yeah. So so that Stein way silo hill dot or gay? If you want to learn more information about that I only have about a minute left, Caroline, but I was fascinated by your history and your bio that you didn't opera. Called shadowboxer about Joe Louis and I'm sitting there thinking, how do you do A operable Joe Louis? I mean, it was just incredible boxer, but you got a minute to just give us a brief under that one. Okay, So I'm actually with the project that was developed when I was getting my doctorate at Maryland and then brought it up here to Baltimore to keep working on it, And it is a phenomenal Piece me on major who was the director and really the person who conceived it. Um, with his idea. We gotta librettist and a composer to tell this amazing story of Joe Louis and we did auditions and then we put on performances, the center stage. And Morgan State University and Peabody's. It was a great collaborative effort and very well received, and it's you know, he's just a great American hero, and I was so glad to learn so much about him that I hadn't known before I got involved in the opera. Well, and you know again, you did it in an opera format. So that's amazing. Anyway. I looking forward to coming back to the next part of the show where we're going to start talking about some of the charitable things in addition to the music That you do with Stein. Way it Silo hill. And But right now, I've got to go to traffic.

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