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At lower price every single day with smiling faces and you spoke to the customers. There was no reason they would go anywhere else. So if you had a store that was had less cars and your competition. There was a problem, and he would stop in fix that problem. But that's when he would land in the fans, and nobody knew Sam was nobody knew way was that kept everybody United States on their toes. You how did you there were? So many associates so many people that worked here thousands of people. How did you break out of the clutter other than covering your hand in urine as a way to attract the attention of Sam Walton? Just work. I mean, you know, WalMart, you know, Sam told me one time guy people ask me still today. And it's been a long time. People ask me today. A lot of people think they know what the success of the secret to WalMart was whether it's distribution, whether it's you know, IT, whether it was the the the the replenishment cycles, I everybody has this grandiose my excuse me during idea about what the the success of WalMart is warmer success, a WalMart was people and Sam believed in every single person. He never shook a person's hand that he didn't believe any never shook a person saying he didn't look them in the eye. He never shook a person's hand they didn't care about. And those associates knew it and the management knew. And I knew it, but the key to WalMart. Sam told me one day, we were when we were starting this thing called supercenter Nazi about that admit, we didn't know what to do. Sam calling me his office one day. And he said, Tom, I I got this crazy idea. I said what is I was. I was a regional vice president I had Oklahoma, and Kansas and Carter Missouri and Sam we're gonna meeting in Bentonville, and I look up. I see these big old hands. He threw a window. He's motioning me with his finger to come there. And I opened the door. And I said, yes, sir. I thought I was in trouble. Martha disturbing Sam he starts walking back his office. We'd go back his office and in his office. Sam never had a door on his office for because the open door policy and he associates anywhere in the company convoke in his door in his office anytime any door. Wow. No didn't have a door in his office. No you walk right in. So. And then his counts right in front of the in front of his first of all his desk was wobbly. It had a cylinder block on one corner. Ave was pressed wood is like you buy, you know, those deaths by these cheap office furniture stores today. That's kind of what his desk was. And then his couch. The couch in front of his desk was an old vinyl couch and the vital was split and peeling off on the side and Ed linoleum tile floors linoleum floor in his office, and he was the wealthiest man in the world. But. You know, Sam told me one day he said, Tom and wasn't say we went into office. And he said, Tom, I got a need you to help me. And I said what is it saying? Hey said. I want to sell groceries, and I thought he'd lost his mind. I said you'd want to say what he said I want to groceries and I need your help. I said, well, what do you need me to help you slam face it, Tom? I want you to help me find a way to convince a lady to put a white blouse on top of the piece of red meat. And that's how the supercenter started. And I thought he'd lost his mind. And I said, we'll say, you know, what what else are you going to tell the chairman the company. No, you're not gonna help him. I help you. So I gave up my job. I and I looked at him. I said Sam I've worked my whole life since I've been with you to bid to get promoted to be of regional vice president us, and you want me to give his job. He didn't hesitate said. Yep. I said, okay..

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