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So yes so obviously the crowd you hear a lot more of what's going on inside the ring. A lot of that major complaint was reared Charlotte. Let's Talk Rian Charlotte. You know. There's a lot of people that are angry really lost. She had to lose I. I wish she would have one because I would have. Thought that would have been an amazing wrestlemania moment chance but I get why she. I'm not I don't feel. I don't feel that that the outcome was back. I thought the match was really good. I thought the match made rea- Ripley look really strong. It made her look like a fucking bad X. Way She was taking all of that stuff all of that on adjustment. It was a great old school. Let's tell a story of me working limb and how strong you're going to look coming out of this. I get it. I get everything about that. I'm not arguing anything with that at all. Even you know the end result of it but there are people who just feel like. This was fucking horrible because she lost that match. Joel start with you. Because I'm not one of those people explained in your words why you feel. She had to lose this match. Visa expired really yeah. Her work visa expired and she can't make it accurate with all this pandemic stuff that I did not know. Diy somewhere that that that she posted on instagram. That that wasn't true not true. A Yeah I I just. I read that. She had posted a picture of herself on instagram. And it was her like doing like this and it wasn't true see. I read an article saying that her where her work visa expired and that she's running into complications getting it renewed because of the corona buyers. And all that the title Oppor. Yeah that makes the company like devils also kind of kind of situation vote. Why Championship is that? Why they took. Is that why they're doing that tournament across a new one? Just kind of a W is a is an internal.

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