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The mural is of Gardner imagery, from the coconut grove behind her are these stripes of blue and red streaming outward, something that I have used a lot in the past at emphasis tune area. That's suppose Stanton painted in two thousand sixteen and twenty teen. Some create town community members raised concerns about the pattern like The Wilshire community coalitions, president Chanyong John dick, give very strong impression of like wising flag pattern, especially to the survivors of World War, Two nation, countries because of its resemblance to the red and white rays of the Japanese imperial flag, Stanton says that was not the intent the debate went back and forth and December L, A USD said it would paint over the mural, of course then there was. Backlash as local district central superintendent Roberto in my tina's there's a long ongoing conversation to find a way to mediate this at times it was difficult. But last week, L A USD invited Jones group Stanton students school officials and a group of create increase American creatives talk again together with Acilitator time has has led me to be able to synthesize a solution that I feel like is a pretty good balance last duty of the committee for input. And then the work that is there will not come down, it will act as sort of a backdrop for a new work, that is going to speak to the past president future of this fight. WC says he's pleased with that outcome. But push us remains about how, like watch, hey, Hejaz gonna make substantial enough to appease, the concern neighbors, Stanton said, he'll work with the community on the plan for the mural over the summer. Let students to paint it in the fall. I'm Carla heavier southern California's early earthquake warning system. Could give us a heads up tens of seconds before a big one hits a potential lifesaver and new research out of the university of Oregon built on that saying it's possible to figure out just how big an earthquake is going to be before it stopped shaking KPCC's science reporter Jacob Margolis has more usually it's not until the shaking has stopped that scientists can tell the magnitude of a major quake, Diego Melgar assistant professor at the university of Oregon says they may have figured out a potential fix so way before the earthquake is done rupturing. We think we can see telltale signs that, that event wants to keep growing into a big one. The big sign they. I look for is how fast the shifts in those first ten to fifteen seconds, generally speaking, they found that the bigger the quake, the faster the earth moves by fifteen seconds. We can say no, this is a seven and a half. This looks more like an eight and a half. And then maybe by twenty seconds, we can say, no, no, no. This is not an eight and a house. This is really looking like nine and if a bigger quake is detected people further away from the epicenter can be warned ahead of the shaking reaching them. Maybe saving their lives covering science..

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