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An epidemic. We have served since March, 12th the same number of people that we would have served in a whole two year period. That was Judy Hanley of the loud and abuse women's shelter earlier in the pandemic, the Virginia sexual And domestic violence action, a lion said hotline calls increased by 76% Statewide. Dart says those suffering from domestic abuse should make a safety plan that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse. Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luca Luca. W T o P News Police reform taking a step forward in Maryland, a bipartisan group of lawmakers approving several recommendations for the General Assembly to consider in January, among them requiring regular mental and physical health assessments of officers. And requiring every police department to use body cameras by 2025. Lawmakers will also consider more controversial issues next week, including banning choke holds and ending the use of military grade equipment there, also considering criminal penalties for officers who use excessive force and abolishing protections for officers accused of wrongdoing. Maryland Public schools beginning plans to bring students back inside classrooms. But the Baltimore Sun is reporting that state health officials have refused to release a complete list of schools where Corona virus cases have emerged. Governor Larry Hogan says the state's 20 for public school systems meet key benchmarks that indicated is safe to reopen for some in person instruction. And Arrundell. Carol and Harford County's have already approved plans to resume in person classes before the end of the year. But health experts say publicizing the data could help school district's make more informed decisions about reopening. Coming up next. We'll street is moving higher today, a local tourism record. 2019. I'm Jeff Global. Michael Robinson. I remember the day when you first came into the good feed store. I remember to Jonathan. To be honest, I was a skeptic. As a former pro football player. I felt I had the best treatment in products for foot pain. I certainly have paid enough for them. But the only problem is they didn't work. Then we fit you with good feet. Art supports and what was light relief. Comfort and support, not just for my feet but alignment for my entire body manner through all of the other stuff away, and now I can get out of bed without worrying about my feet. So if you had these aren't supports earlier. You really think you would have two championship rings now? No doubt about it. Hey, maybe it would have helped me play football. Not think you made the right choice. Jonathan. Just keep on running, brother. Okay, Michael, you don't have to be an elite athlete like Michael Robinson to benefit from good feet. Art supports Come in for your free fitting and test walk. Maken appointment today at good feet..

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