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Live from oracle park giants pregame is coming up next on KNBR six sports leader I am Rick Barry thanks to doctor Tom Cruise and Ellie who perform their restoration procedure on the I have a more natural head of hair doctor Rosen Ellie uses the most advanced techniques including the artist robotic if you eat procedure state of the art F. U. S. procedure and P. R. P. hair regrowth treatment call eight hundred seven four three H. A. I. R. that's eight hundred seven four three four two four seven or visit Rosen Ellie dot com receive one thousand dollars off your hair restoration procedure call doctors elite eight hundred seven four three hair restrictions apply minimum twelve hundred grass expire September thirtieth if you love baseball you probably love data even if you don't know it ERA's discounts are the eyes and be peace great teams like the giants use their data to adapt and win Informatica we empower great companies to do the same we help customers turn chaotic I look into changing inside so they can spot opportunities faster than ever before fuel innovations and just wrapped the playing field improve your game team with a proven leader focused on everything data Informatica the transformative power of data this is Bruce would you have your San Francisco Giants we're live these forces welcome to San Francisco Giants pregame show fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance a small the sponsored by the California Hyundai dealers and nor cal Honda dealers dot com and my drafting the exclusive daily fantasy sports side of your San Francisco Giants we take you out to the ballpark he's a small E..

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