Harley Quinn, Superman, Snyder discussed on Is It Transphobic Podcast


There is so much room for variants on how people perform their gender in this that like that is something that is so important to have a conversation between people. Viewing this media and the media itself. Yeah no I completely agree. I think that's the because especially in times. Where Trans and non binary characters didn't. It's not that they didn't exist in media it's that they weren't either explicitly stated or When they were it was a joke and it was a whole thing. That was how a lot of us figured things out was how are these. Binary system representations playing with gender itself. And I think that's the best way to sort of look at a movie like this or any other movie that again doesn't have any explicit trends non binary representation To say like okay. How can we look at it from that Lens? How are they treating these binary? How are they treating the binary representation yet so talk to me a little bit about To me a little bit about that. What are what are some of the ways that you picked up on in the movie that we're just like they're they're playing with Jenner performance in a new or different or interesting way so the one that lake has been sort of all in all over the Internet that I feel like we have to talk about and we'll talk about some of the ones that hasn't necessarily been is the The gaze of the camera eventually on Harley Quinn And the differences between how she's filmed and presented in this movie versus. She was filmed in presented in suicide squad. Like in suicide squad Was that Zack. Snyder who directed that? I don't think it was Snyder. But it was part of the whole Snyder initiative with EMC so they were pulling from a lot of that even if it wasn't him specifically have to look that up David Air A show so suicide squads directed by a man Harley Quinn is meant to be a sex icon in that Specifically for straight since men and it's clear she she has a dog collar on her shirt is torn so lake the bottom of speaking out and she's got completely impractical shorts and not even like fun completely impractical there. They just look uncomfortable like I just worry for her that entire movie because she is fighting evil with the biggest. Wedgie they So I went and saw it at Alamo Draft House and I. I Love Alamo. This story I shared on Rattles Raiders. Bagel basketball just like quickly. But they had in the beginning this whole thing about like Harley shorts from suicide squad and being like look there panties. It's fine if you just WANNA put her in panties but don't put a belt on it just like just tell us this is what you're doing. Superman fought crime than underwear. Why can't Harley Quinn Yeah? Superman did need a belt to show us the no. He's not wearing underpants. These the the strong button tights. Yes yes Oh yes definitely what they are. What the underwhelming outside that makes you stronger. I Guess Obama an all your legs just need more containing you have to put it. That's the thing. Superman didn't have the blue tights underneath before and people were just like. Oh you need to shave those or you need to cover them buddy. Sorry.

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